iPhone 5 Versus Galaxy S4 in Honest Review

iPhone 5 specs

Fanboy’s stay home! The iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy S4 has been on top of the search engines ever since the release of the much anticipated Galaxy S4 in April. Now is the time for an unbiased review as this writer simply is reviewing the specs as presented. Logical formulations are determined basically on what you, as the consumer enjoy.

Size and Design

The Galaxy S4 is an impressive 5.39 inches in height, with an imposing width of 2.7 inches. The display sports a high definition 5 inch screen with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. This does vary from the width of the iPhone 5 which makes it awkward for those of us with smaller hands. While the screen is impressive, it can appear overly chunky, it is also 14 percent heavier than its competitive counterpart.

The iPhone 5 falls to the Galaxy S4 in high definition consideration, but that’s based on a matter of opinion. The screen is still larger than its predecessors and the 1,136 x 640 is pretty impressive. The height of the Apple king is 4.87 inches tall with a width of 2.31 inches. iPhone has and most likely will always be a hand friendly device. Weighing in at 3.95 ounces the phone is comfortably light and can be held in one hand to scroll through apps or command Siri.


This is an arena mostly everyone is interested in when it comes to the iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy S4 battle. While looks are considerable, how the phone reacts to commands is even more so. It appears one of these contender’s carries the edge.

The Galaxy S4 has an Qualcomm 1.9GHz  Quad Core Processor (say that five times fast!) Boasting 2GB of RAM and a 600 processor, it’s likely the iPhone 5 released a bead of nervous sweat.

In comparison, iPhone 5 sports Apple’s 1.3GHz A6 processor and 1GB of RAM. On the spectrum of  processor performance, the Galaxy S4 edges out the iPhone. Apple kicked back because it’s 16GB actually feels like 16GB of memory. Galaxy S4’s 16GB feels more like 8GB from all of the pre-loaded apps.


iPhone 5 created some agreeable nodding heads as fans of the brand enjoyed the new Facebook integration. The Shared Photo Stream is a fantastic tool to basically mix and match pictures and comments with your favorite peeps. Siri is more streamlined than presented in the 4S.

In addition, to providing movie reviews and crime statistics of your general area; Siri will also book a table for you at that classy two star restaurant (hey a girl’s gotta think economically!) via the OpenTable app. Mentioning Apple Maps might deliver some hate mail, so for now that will be skipped. Anyone who understands the concept of Google Maps versus the Apple Maps will know why its been skipped as a feature to display.

“Hey, Galaxy S4, are your legs tired? Because you’ve been running circles around iPhone 5 in the features department.” Skipping the cheesy line, Galaxy S4 does have some pretty incredible features. Air View was the best feature, as merely by hovering your fingers over the display, you can open an e-mail or check out some other content. No more dirty screens!

The Galaxy S4 also won many healthy hearts over with its S Health App, which allows users to track their fitness from what they eat to what they do. The Air Gestures feature was also nice, it allows you to answer the phone by waiving your hand in front of the screen. Like Apple Maps, let’s skip the Smart Scroll. Often times you might develop a crick in your neck from trying to move the screen.

Final Review

By and by, each phone has their strengths, weaknesses and honestly they run about the same two year price with most providers. With the hint of suggestion from Apple, the iPhone 5S may be headed to a retailer next to you later this year. The Samsung team recently released the Galaxy S4 Active. It allows you scuba lovers to take the phone, for up to 30 minutes under water.

Honestly, if you’re not into water sports, it’s better to side with the Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5 is a better by than the cryptic iPhone 4- please skip the “Free!” specials offered by providers. Its speed is stagnant compared to its powerhouse brother or sister, determining what you want to name it. The iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy S4 will soon turn to the iPhone 5S versus -? We are sure Samsung will have a trick up their sleeve closer to Apple’s big announcement.

Angelina Bouc