iPhone 5 Waterproof Case: iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua [Video]

Get Your Mojo and Take Your iPhone 5 Under Water

iPhone ibattz case

Kickstarter, a highly popular crowdsourcing site, has been a hot topic lately on my list. The company is now spotlighting some amazing phone accessory creations of worth that will capture your attention. Like  the Syphon Soundwrap to the Muku Shuttr and Lernstift. Now ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua is making a splash. This is a waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, dirtproof and childproof removable battery case- with an interchangeable 2200mAh battery for your iPhone 5.

With mega-pixels increasing image clarity, phones are becoming the one and only device really needed. If you’re looking for another reason to add a phone to your electronic’s wish list;  here is another. Get rid of your waterproof cameras, because your iPhone 5 will the only all-in-one device you need to go swimming with the fishes!

“ibattz LLC is the global leader in removable battery case. ibattz Mojo Classic Battery case for iPhone 4/4S and Mojo Armor Battery case for iPhone 4/4S are legendary. Both of these battery cases were given the highest rating on iLounge’s Highly Recommended products. The latest Mojo Refuel and Mojo Refuel Armor for iPhone 5 are already creating a loyal fan base with the highest capacity removable battery of 4400mAh. It has also recently been given the highest rating on iLounge,” lists the start-up company from San Diego.

Like other waterproof cameras there is a limitation to the grandiose features one can hold. Specifically the ibattz only go reach a water depth of 3 meters (9.842 feet). The creators behind the revolutionary product share, “all of ibattz’s products are Apple MFI certified and the widely acclaimed Mojo Classic for iPhone 4/4S, Mojo Refuel for iPhone 5 and Battstation Tough Pro Dual 7800mAh are already available on SAMs Club and online at store.ibattz.com and Amazon.”

I love my waterproof cameras because if it rains, I don’t have to be concerned about replacing an expensive device, but then I am balancing a camera and phone while enjoying a vacation. Protecting my iPhone 5 with the new ibattz case protects from water and other liquids, like soda (try to avoid that!) while providing me this all-in-one design. There is one downfall to the current cases in today’s technology that ibattz focused on to boost their development, “the current waterproof cases in the market usually come with a clasp on sealing with a rubber gasket, with another clasp at the bottom. The disadvantage is that, it is difficult to remove the waterproof case. With constant removal of case, it will affect the integrity of the clasp on structure and in time, result in water seepage. These cases are also not equipped with a backup battery.”

The ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua uses something different it “uses the patented zip seal lock technology with precision engineering to achieve complete waterproofing. The advantage of the zip seal lock technology is that it is easier for constant removal and without having to worry about water seepage. There will be no problem of having to replace worn out parts, which is a problem for many existing products. Both the zip seal lock technology and rotating dial mute switch design are patented to provide best design and durability,” ibattz points out.

They have a goal to get the first batch of production out and shipped to backers 45 days after the campaign closes which is scheduled for August 19. This is a key product to avoid carrying various devices- an all in one of camera, phone and true water-proof reliability. It’s time to get an iPhone 5 case that does it all. It’s time to take those funny videos and photos from the beach in the ocean.

Check out full details of the intense ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua Case and full details in the link (bottom).

Forrest L. Rawls

Source: Kickstarter – click this link to learn more about the start-up company and its revolutionary design


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