Iran Must Release Women from Sexual Servitude


(As originally reported by Reza Kahlili, former member of the Revolutionary Guard, and CIA informant, in WND).

Hojatolislam Hossein Dehnavi is a leading Iranian cleric.  He denounced women who do not cater ‘sexually’ to men.  He made these comments at a conference on family values, and it was reported on Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.  Women must be released from sexual servitude.

“One of the calamities of our society is that some women do not give authority to their husbands and this is more evident in three groups,” Dehnavi said in explaining the duties of women toward their husbands.

“The first group are those who are older than their husbands and treat their spouses like a mother would, which harms the authority of men. The second group are those who have a higher education than their husbands and because of their financial independence (they) have some attitude, which harms men’s authority.”

Here’s the core of his meaning, as he describes the third group.

“One of the other duties of women in regard to their men is to take care of their men’s instinctive needs (sexual drive). Do not break their pride and (you must) be more sensitive toward them.”

He also spoke about the youth of Iran.  He said that they ‘must not meet in secluded places, must not look at each other with joy or lust, and that young girls must not flirt while talking to boys.’

Iran should allow a mass exodus of women and children.  Such an extreme male-dominated society totally inhibits a ‘normal’ life by anyone’s standards.

Dehnavi often speaks of relationships in an Islamic society at conferences and on video.

“Women have to provide sex to their men anywhere and at anytime,” he said in one released video of his speeches. “Even in her mother’s house, the woman usually refuses and says it’s bad and that her mother could find out, but they should do it and so what if her mother finds out? It won’t be bad as they are not doing anything illegal.”

In another video, Dehnavi decreed that:

-Women commit a sin if they try to “satisfy” themselves after their husbands climax.

-It is not a sin for a man to think about another woman while having sex with his wife. “This is the kindness of God to us Muslims that thinking about sin is not a sin (and when) some men in having sex with their wives talk about other woman, this is not a sin either.”

-If thinking of another woman during sex results in pregnancy, “then the child will be a homosexual.”

It is well known that since the 1979 Islamic revolution, women have suffered execution, torture, severe corporal punishment, a lack of dignity, and a lessening position in Iranian society.

Hundreds of women are in jail in Iran for political statements and human rights issues.  Thousands of girls have joined them.  Because the clerics believe virgins automatically go to heaven, many of the women are raped before being executed to deny this right.

But millions of women continue to defy the rules of the clerics.  They wear make-up, and wear fashionable clothes.  They hold jobs, and some own their own businesses.  They play sports, have formed bands, and hold underground parties.

In opposition to the autocratic policies of the ruling clerics, some women and men are converting to Christianity.  If discovered, they have been arrested.

According to inside sources, some members of the Revolutionary Guard are displeased with the situation in Iran, and are seeking ‘a way out.’

Throughout the world, women are seizing power.  They are demanding equality on every issue.  In Iran, the first step is that women must be released from sexual servitude.

Alfred James reporting


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  1. Mori   April 13, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    It is a very shallow article. the writer is astonishingly uneducated about Iran. It is more like that kind of journalism that high school children do for a high school project

  2. ssaba   February 22, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    all truth and proveable! sad that brave iranian women should live under these bastards with sexual sadisme called mullahs

  3. Danish   July 24, 2013 at 2:55 am

    this is SO DUMB, and false information!


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