John McCain Wants the U.S. to Support These Syrian Rebels

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In the rebel-controlled city of Aleppo, Syria, anti-government forces are attempting to impose sharia law.  These are the Syrian rebels John McCain wants the U.S. to support.  He wants more aid for Islamic extremists who already hate America.

The fatwa (an order based on Sharia law) was issued by the Islamic law council in Aleppo’s Fardous neighborhood.

“Muslim women are banned from leaving the house in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their bodies or wearing makeup on their face. It is incumbent on all our sisters to obey God and commit to Islamic etiquette,” the statement on the Fardous council’s Facebook page says as cited by Reuters, which reports that Aleppo residents have confirmed the news.

These extreme rules were issued by the same rebels who lopped off the heads of Assad supporters just days ago.  And under sharia law, women can be corporally punished if they are suspected of infidelity or out of wedlock intercourse.  The punishments can range from body parts being removed to death at the hands of a husband, father, or brother.

The uprising in Egypt is related to similar matters.

“All [Morsi] has done is introduce or he tried to introduce that fundamental constitution that would turn Egypt into a Sharia state. Most Egyptians don’t want that. They want to have their religion in private, but not to have the state dictate to them exactly what it is going to look like,” political analyst and author William Engdahl told RT.

Where have we heard about a country’s battle over ‘freedom of religion’ before?  Attempts by a minority to make the United States a Christian nation will always fail.  All attempts by any group, or politician in power, to force the people to adopt one way, one form of any organized religion, must be crushed.

But John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other hawks want us to intervene in Syria’s battles. That is another conflict we could only lose.

Alfred James reporting  OP-ED

2 Responses to "John McCain Wants the U.S. to Support These Syrian Rebels"

  1. azwi   July 2, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    In my opinion since John McCain’s crushing defeat in 2008, he’s no longer mentally competent to hold the office of US Senator. McCain became a bitter, war nut, we must all thank God that John McCain lost the presidency. Millions of innocent people are alive today because this war hungry old man lost.

  2. tomj   July 2, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    John McCain wants us to go to war with somebody everyday, McCain is just a hateful warmonger NOTHING ELSE!


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