John Spooner Killed 13 Year Old Neighbor


imagesJohn Spooner, 76, was convicted Wednesday of killing his 13 year old neighbor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The charge of 1st degree murder was pronounced upon Spooner, who shot Darius Simmons to death on May 12, 2012.

Spooner said it was justice, because the 13-year-old boy had stolen weapons from him.  He declined to testify on his own behalf until the end of the trial.

The second phase ended Thursday, with Spooner taking the witness stand, against the advice of his attorney.

He said he killed the boy ‘out of anger,’ and wanted to kill his older brother, but there were ‘too many people around.’

The prosecutor asked Spooner how he felt about killing young Simmons.  He said, ‘not that bad.’

Alfred James reporting


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