Justin Bieber Earns Revenge from NHL Blackhawks Fans


This is such a great story to tell! You would think stemming from Stratford, Ontario, Canada that Justin Bieber would know the passion of hockey. The sport is nearly a religion in Canada and yet Bieber committed the two major penalties in fandom hockey. He touched the Stanley Cup (this is a second time!) and …here it comes- he stepped on the Chicago Blackhawks logo in their dressing room while taking picture of said Cup. Audible gasps! Revenge (albeit humorously) to commence in 3, 2, 1…

Bieber committed the offenses earlier this month and fans were stunned, players were confused. So, now it was time for Bieber and the Beliebers to get theirs. During the annual Blackhawks convention, fans brought large cut-outs of the mega-stars face, placed it on the floor and promptly stepped on it. The aspect of placement was pretty funny. Players aligned the smiling, over-sized face of Bieber near impressions of the Stanley Cup and promptly stepped on it while snapping a photo.

justin bieber, blackhawks
Never touch the Cup that you didn’t earn! Oops.












Justin bieber, blackhawks, logo
Head smack! Never step on team logo!













Many fans, and even Tommy Hawk himself, the BlackHawks mascot joined the game of revenge. The team favorite stepped on the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s printed head and posed for the camera. Team unity is in the house! Look, Bieber if you didn’t stem from the dedicated hockey home of Canada, your level of blatant ignorance may have been excused. It officially is not. Earning the revenge of hockey fans and players alike makes for a bad day. This former hockey mom knows there are just unwritten hockey codes you don’t break:

  • Never and I mean never touch the goalie or his water bottle
  • Fight like a hockey player and remove your helmet when you wanna throw down
  • Never touch the Conference Champion Trophies
  • Never touch the Stanley Cup until it’s yours
  • Know the movie Slapshot
  • Never step on the team logo- that is roped off purposely during game-play

Brandon Faber, the BlackHawks senior director of media, did defend the young singer, stating he did what most fans did and “inadvertently stepped on the team logo on the floor but moved off quickly once immediately reminded. He was apologetic and understanding of the tradition but continued to take photos with the Cup and some young fans. He was extremely genuine and kind with his time. We appreciate his enthusiasm toward hockey and wish him well with the remainder of his tour.”

Justin Bieber, blackhawks
BlackHawks fans strike back!

















Forward Andrew Shaw tweeted shortly after the no-no “Bro, no stepping on the logo @justinbieber that’s money on the board!” Second City responded in the best way hockey fans do, retribution!  We’re thinking Bieber is somewhere groaning and slapping his head, or someone should! How often do celebrities need to be reminded to respect the Nation they live in and and learn about the environment? When Bieber stepped into BlackHawk Nation – he committed the ultimate fan no-no’s.

Now that revenge has been completed and Bieber had several dozen hockey fans returning the favor, this should put the past behind us. The Blackhawks had an incredible season, even if shortened due to the extensive lockout. They experienced one loss in 25 games but went 21-0-3 without one.  Their final season record? 36-7-5; pretty amazing. The team went head to head with the Boston Bruins until a heart-stopping game 6, when the Bruins were up 2-1. Then two incredible shots and assists turned the game over to the BlackHawks. Now, you can understand why Bieber made many whisper “what is he thinking?” Respect the logo and Cup, Biebs!

Angelina Bouc

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