Penn State Officials Face Charges in Jerry Sandusky Cover-up [Video]

Jerry Sandusky

Former Penn state officials will faces charges over the attempt to cover-up the Jerry Sandusky scandal during their employment at the university. The university’s ex-president and two top administrators will stand trial for charges related to the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the university for years pertaining to the former defensive coordinator under coach Paterno.

“It is a tragic day for Penn State University,” said District Judge William Wenner. He concluded on Tuesday that prosecutors had gathered enough evidence to warrant trials for ex-president Graham Spanier, former vice-president Gary Schultz and ex-athletic director Tim Curley. A two day preliminary hearing was held to determine if the former administrators were actively complicit in a cover-up.

Sandusky was convicted last year of 45 counts of child sexual abuse and faces a 30 to 60 year state prison sentence. Sandusky who retired as a coach in the school system professes his innocence and is appealing his prison sentence. He was charged on 48 counts and found innocent of only two accounts of child sexual abuse.

The Penn State officials are guilty of a “conspiracy of silence” as they face charges in the Jerry Sandusky cover-up. Lead prosecutor, Bruce Beemer, believed they covered up their failure to divulge to police a 2001 molestation incident which involved Sandusky. Upon questioning by the investigators officials remained silent and were no help in unearthing facts related to investigations.

Evidence of their crimes was released in emails which were instrumental in them being charged. In the emails the three discussed an incident that former team assistant and quarterback, Mike McQueary told Curley Schultz and Joe Paterno of Sandusky molesting a boy in the shower in 2001. It was rumored on campus that Sandusky showered with the boys but in Mike McQueary’s testimony documented evidence was established.

McQueary lost his job with the university after charges were filed against Sandusky. He has since filed a whistleblower and defamation lawsuit against his former employer. He accuses Penn State of not renewing his contract because he cooperated with investigators.

“If you get an unbiased jury (at a trial), it’ll be hard to get those charges to stick,” said Anthony Lubrano, a Penn State trustee. He watched the two days of testimony and believed because of the low level of evidence needed it more than likely would call for a trail.

“What was reported was not a report of any activity that was sexual in nature,” Spanier told the grand jury. “I know better than to jump to conclusions about things like that.”

Lawyers for Spanier intend to file defamation charges against former FBI director Louis Freech. Freech wrote a report detailing the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Penn State officials face charges in a Jerry Sandusky cover-up because of allegations of hiding evidence. This has plagued the Jerry Sandusky investigations since the start of inquiry by authorities. Curley and Schulz were initially charged in November 2011, upon Sandusky’s initial arrest; they were accused of perjury and failure to report. Spanier later was forced out as president but remains a faculty member listed on administrative leave.

By Thomas Barr

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