Justin Timberlake Threatened with Lawsuit After Releasing New Single (Video)

Justin Timberlake threatened with lawsuit.

After Justin Timberlake gave his fans a chance to listen to his new single Take Back the Night by releasing a “teaser” video on his VEVO YouTube Channel, he’s been threatened with a lawsuit from the anti-sexual violence group of the same name.

The video, which you can watch below, contains the entire song and the introduction to the song contains the only real video. After the intro, the video changes to a still picture of Justin Timberlake in sunglasses with the song’s title printed across the picture.

The song itself has a heavy horn accompaniment and it is reminiscent of an older Michael Jackson song. But despite the catchiness of his newest single, at least one group of fans aren’t happy. The Take Back the Night Foundation is a little perturbed by his use of their name for his song title.

According to RadarOnline.com Timberlake has been threatened with a lawsuit because he used the foundation’s name without asking. The sexual assault awareness group think that Timberlake should have cleared it with them before releasing a sexually suggestive song that bears their name.

Take Back the Night Foundation Executive Director Katherine Koestner said that Justin did not ask them about using their name and she also said that the group’s lawyers have already been in touch. Koestner told RadarOnline.com that, “Everyone at Take Back the Night is really shocked, because normally, we get asked when people want to use the name.”

Of course Justin Timberlake would have asked about it before releasing his new single, if for no other reason that to avoid a threatened lawsuit, but it does feel like the executive director of the group is taking it a little personally.

Koestner went on to say that, “Normally entities as large as Justin Timberlake do very kind and thoughtful things to support our cause.” “We have some big concerns,” Koestner added. “For example, all of a sudden on Wikipedia, Take Back the Night has a different definition. That’s not been helpful.”

But it seems that the foundation is less upset by Timberlake’s oversight than they are about the fact that he claims to have never heard of them. According to Koestner, they tried to contact Timberlake when they heard about the new song title. She said, “We tried to contact him through his website and got no answer,” Koestner continued, “Then we sent him a letter Friday from our legal counsel saying ‘You used our name without our permission.’”

The Executive Director of the foundation went on to reveal that, “They got back to us and said they’re sorry. His agent said ‘Justin’s a good guy! He’s a family man!’ They claimed he’d never heard of us before he wrote that song. I don’t know what country he’s been in. I suppose it could have slipped off his radar screen somehow. Somebody working for him definitely messed up.”

She added, “It’s a big song, and he didn’t take the necessary steps to make sure that it was appropriate,” Koestner says. “Normally they do have due diligence.”

So despite Koestner stating that the foundation are upset that they weren’t asked about using their name, it does seem to be more about the fact that Justin wasn’t aware of the group, they also seem to be hinting that in order to avoid the lawsuit, the singer should, perhaps give a donation or stage a charity event like other “businesses” that have used the foundation’s name.

Because Koestner went on to cite other instances where companies who were aware of the organisation not only asked permission, but also donated to the organisation or staged charity awareness events for the Take Back the Night Foundation. Which does seem pretty fair, even if it does feel a little “petty.”

Koestner ended by saying, “Usually people are pretty mindful because no one is actually ‘for’ sexual assault. This whole thing with Justin is just really unfortunate and we’re hoping it can be amicably resolved.”

So despite the slight sour note that Justin Timberlake and his new single have hit, fans can listen to his new song, Take Back the Night by watching the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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