Kanye West Do Not Talk to Me Ever (Video)

Kanye West says don't talk to me ever.
Kanye West has a message to the paparazzi of the world, and he’s not delivering it by song. His message is loud and almost aggressively clear, “Do not talk to me…ever!” And his declaration of mandatory paparazzi silence is caught on TMZ video, which we’ve included below!

In the video you can see the 36 year-old “Yeezus” rapper arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport and as he leaves his car to go into the airport the TMZ camera operator wants to tell Kanye just how much he loves his music and what a big fan he is.

West seems to be pretty relaxed during the Friday “run-in” with the paps, but the moment the TMZ cameraman speaks, Kanye releases his inner demon. As the cameraman zooms in for a shot he says, “Yo, what’s up Yeezus, I’m a big fan bro. I love your work.”

This was apparently the signal that Yeezus was waiting for. While he’s walking toward the cameraman, he appears to be talking on his cell phone, with his head lowered. As the cameraman speaks, Kanye reaches out and puts his hand on the camera lens and says, “Yeah I can appreciate that, but don’t talk.”

While the cameraman stops dumbfounded, Kanye keeps hold of the lens and says, “Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to anyone I know. That’s fine, but I don’t want paparazzi to talk to me or to talk to anyone I know.

While Kanye does manage to deliver his little personal rant at the TMZ cameraman with no expletives and without really raising his voice, you can see from his face that he is only barely holding onto his temper.

Kanye goes on to tell the TMZ photographer that he should, “Tell everybody, don’t talk – to me – don’t talk – to anyone, not even to themselves.” Presumably, this will enable West to be followed by a silent paparazzi crowd, although it could cause a few problems.

For instance, if Kanye were ever in danger of banging his head again in the near future, the paps would be unable to call out a warning to the singer or anyone he knew!

Neither we, nor TMZ know who Kanye was speaking to on his cell phone when he interrupted his own call to tell off the “noisy” cameraman. It may have been someone else that he was telling not to talk…like Kim Kardashian, perhaps?

After the apparent “trigger” sentences of “Yo, what’s up Yeezus, I’m a big fan bro. I love your work,” Kanye felt that telling off the cameraman was more important than his phone call. After his message of silence the cameraman says, “I do love you though. Hey, I do love you though Kanye.”

This declaration of devotion seems to snap Kanye out of his moderate rage and he then cannot get away from the camera fast enough. He lets go of the lens and moves out of shot with his fingers giving a little, unfriendly, wave.

So word up all you paparazzi out there who dare to speak to the great Yeezus, keep it quiet! Because Kanye West says do not talk to me…ever! If you don’t believe him just watch the TMZ video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom