Best Buy Offering Minimum $200 for iPad Trade-In Deal

Best Buy trade-in

Before you think of spending seller fees on online marketplaces, get in the car and head to Best Buy. The electronics retail giant is offering at least a $200 minimum trade-in credit for your old iPads.

If you have an iPad 2 or even a third generation iPad, any Best Buy location will review the device and provide a credit in exchange.  If you happen to have  newer iPad you want to trade-in for say, the newest Galaxy Tab 3 eight inch tablet, Best Buy is willing to offer more for the trade-in. There are conditions for the trade-in:

  • The iPad must be in working condition
  • Cannot be under a contract obligation unless eligible upgrade exists

Before you sigh your frustration over your broken and water-logged iPad, there are online outlets that will accept it with a lesser trade-in amount. Gazelle, a website dedicated to electronic trade-ins does accept broken iPads. On average a 16GB model reaps a user about $60 in credit.

Last month, Best Buy was offering trade-ins for iPhones and this month they are looking to restart a good kick for sales. The $200 minimum iPad trade-in runs through the end of today. If you don’t have a Best Buy store near you, visit your local mall for the Best Buy mobile stores that are also accepting the trade-ins.

Trade-ins are becoming a more popular trend in the electronic environment. Tablets are not immune to the availability trade-ups. Much like phones there are multiples brands of tablets customers want the newest or access to upgrade to.

Recently, there was a rash of tablets released. From the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Sony Xperia Z, the Goldengulf, ASUS Vivotab Smart, HP Slates, .TAB Nero x2 and Acer Iconia, the variations of tablets are considerable for consumers.

Apple leads the path of tablets, with Samsung quickly on its heels. iPads have sold in excess of 44.1 million units globally. In consideration, Apple has only released a few versions: the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad with Retina and the iPad mini. Samsung is around half of that number but in popularity stances, Android outpaces Apple. Earlier this year the tablet market exploded with a combined 49.2 million units sold during the first quarter. Impressively, these stats show a shift in the world of computing.

Desktops are slowly becoming obsolete. Even public schools and government agencies are opting for laptops and more mobile devices. As technology remains on a high level of demand, so does its accessibility. HP has remodeled many of their desktop computers into all in one devices. These units are easier to manager, but are failing to make a dent outside of larger corporate offices.

Tablets are still the first choice for many consumers who lately have been inquiring about tablets with voice capability. While tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Viewsonic Viewpad have voice capability, the voice calls may still be filled with many errors, when running voice on data networks.

If there is interest in one of these tablets, be sure to grab your iPad older or newer generation and hit your local Best Buy today before it ends. The minimum $200 trade-in value is an impossible offer to pass up.

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  1. Teepee12   July 13, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Don’t have an iPad. Aren’t likely to be getting one anytime soon. But it’s a nice idea.


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