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In a bold move to earn a boost from its larger competitors, Sprint is announcing the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee. In doing so, this allows unlimited data usage on smartphones for $30 monthly and $10 for basic phones. If this is a telltale sign of the recent purchase of Sprint by Softbank, the third largest provider, may just start climbing the ranks.

Softbank is a Japanese investment firm that finalized the Sprint merger this past Wednesday. The acquisition cost was $21.6 billion and shows a move of dominance for Sprint. The previous company name of Sprint Nextel Corporation will now be renamed to simply, Sprint Corporation.

The positives of the merger are already reflected in the recent announcement of the unlimited guarantee by Sprint. There was a bit of a bidding war for Sprint between Softbank and Dish Network. Softbank owns 78 percent interest in Clearwire, the wireless high speed Internet provider.

With this merger, it further tests the possibilities of expanding the services presented by Sprint. Verizon carries Internet, TV and home phone services. They recently expanded into the business realm. AT&T is the wireless leader for business and home services. With Softbank entering the picture, expanding services may be the next step for Sprint.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse wanted to combat customer’s concerns in regards to eliminating unlimited data plans. AT&T allows long time customers to grandfather in the plan during upgrades. Verizon charges customers the full price of their upgrade phone to maintain the unlimited data.

Hesse stated the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee shows current and new customers, that Sprint is in the unlimited data field for the long haul.

It seems the mobile carriers are becoming more creative with angles to maintain and acquire new business. Once T-Mobile announced the elimination of the two year plan, AT&T offered 50 percent off new phones and waived activation.

Earlier this week T-Mobile made waves again when they announced the Jump plan. The offer allows customers to upgrade every six months with a down payment and monthly fees. Now, Sprint is showing their worth by guaranteeing unlimited data for life, states Sprint’s spokeswoman Laura Lisec.

The variation of speeds has always created questions about the aspect of throttling and if that occurs with Sprint. Most customers have reported a throttling around the 3GB usage mark. The $30 fee Sprint is charging with the accessibility of unlimited data still has that concern. For $30 a month, AT&T customers can acquire a 3GB plan.

While these bold moves insure new customers for the four major carriers, it seems the mobile companies will stay on their paths. Each offering at least a few various phone options, payment options and now data options.

Customers are required to check their wireless coverage area to determine the best signal strength and select their carrier on that review. While Sprint’s unlimited data is appealing, it can become stagnant in areas with lower signal levels.

Softbank and Sprint have done one thing well. They have created a concern among the major two mobile carriers for communications and home services. It will be an interesting timeline of events during the next year, especially after today’s announcement of the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee.

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  1. Janet   September 15, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Have been a Sprint customer for many years. They do everything to keep you satisfied. I have tried US Cellular and did not like them at all!

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