Suri Cruise Called Brat by Photographer and Gets told off by Paparazzi (Video)

Suri Cruise called a brat.

When Katie Holmes and her daughter 7 year-old Suri and an equally young friend left a New York building, the little group was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. One photographer turns ugly and called little Suri Cruise a brat only to be told off by other paparazzi in the crowd. The whole incident was caught on video and we’ve included it below.

In the video, which was filmed by photographer Cesar Pena from you can see two men who are following along side the trio as they walk down the sidewalk to get into their SUV. One fan tells Suri that she shouldn’t ignore her fans as he repeatedly asks her for an autograph.

Later the same fan, who tries to take taking pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, goes on to call her a “little brat” and a “b**ch. Despite the fact that Suri is a child he clearly felt his behaviour was acceptable.

Suri, who seemingly felt threatened by the intrusive nature of the “fans” and the paparazzi, was not a happy child. She refused to give autographs and pleaded with the crowd to leave her alone. You can see that little Suri is upset as she says, “We’re trying to get in the car! Stop it! Get out of the way.”

While the vast majority of fans and paparazzi understood Suri’s attitude and shouted encouragement by saying that they “loved her” the one fan, who isn’t really a fan at all according to Pena, decided to get nasty. It isn’t clear why he felt the need to call Suri Cruise a brat and why he reacted so poorly to being told off by the paparazzi for his attitude.

Although initial details of the incident identified the man as a paparazzi, Pena says that the rude “fan” is in reality a, “guy who waits for celebrities [to get] their autographs to sell them on eBay.”

After the man says, “Bye, Suri, you little brat,” Pena, as well as other professional paparazzi, called the man out. You can hear Pena saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” as he tries to get the “jerk” to back off from his unacceptable behaviour.

The name calling man responds, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?”

Pena tried to explain to the rude man where he was overstepping the mark, “When you’re a father, bro, it’s a whole different thing. It’s a whole different thing.” The response from the name caller was short, “I don’t care…She’s a bitch…a little brat kid. A little brat.”

Cesar Pena said that the comments caused the father in him came roaring to the front and he had to calm himself down before things turned really ugly. Pena told Us Weekly that, “I had to take a step back, because I didn’t want things to escalate.” He also said that the name caller was, “in Suri’s face” and very close to her. We try our best to protect Suri. Of course we take pictures of her, but we always keep our distance…I always try to protect any of the celebrities I work on.”

Pena revealed that as he has a daughter, the man’s behaviour rankled. He said, “I have a little girl, so [the name-calling] triggered quick for me. I saw her as my own. She’s only 7 years old…I went into Daddy mode quick.”

Luckily for Suri, she had already gotten into the vehicle when the man called her a brat and she hopefully did not hear the other paparazzi telling the man off and the short argumentative conversation. The video below shows the whole incident.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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