Suri Cruise Humiliated:Mother Does Nothing

After Being Called A Brat

Suri Cruise Humiliated Mother Does Nothing

Suri Cruise,7, does follow in her parents footsteps; she is already on her way to becoming a true Hollywood star. Earlier this week there was a shocking incident with the public. She was humiliated, and unfortunately for Suri, her mother did nothing about it. However Suri is not one to let anything so trivial as being humiliated getting her down, so today she was in high spirits like nothing ever happened. But what had happened the day before? While Suri was out and about with her mother Katie Holme,s minding their own business, they were of course not alone because they were surrounded by paparazzi, photographers, hangers on and autograph seekers*, when it happened.

Suri, unlike her mother, wasn’t having any of the “please smile for the camera,” “Sign and make me money,” stuff. Oh no, Suri felt strong that day, and was heard saying to the crowd: “stop it,” and to “Get out of the way.” Because Suri was on her way to the family car, and she couldn’t even get to the door because it was so crowded. Therefore her commands weren’t that strange or hurtful. However one ,possible, autograph seeker thought she wasn’t behaving very well, and he called her a”little brat” and a “bitch.” This was all caught on video, however nobody knows who the culprit was because the person was only heard not seen.

After this incident there was a lot of outrage on the Internet. Most people are shocked by the behaviour of the autograph seeker and by the fact that Suri Cruise’s mother did nothing when her daughter was humiliated. Some say she always does seems distant anyway. In addition the Suri defenders do not take it lightly. Some commentators said:

  • Blah said: “I agree they should leave her alone. I feel terrible for celeb children because they have to deal with this. This dumb person calling her a brat just because she doesn’t like being bombarded by the paps. WHO WOULD?! She has every right to be frustrated and upset with the paparazzi all up in her face.She’s a child and should be able to live her life paparazzi free!”
  • Another poster added: “What is wrong with Katie Holmes. She should have went over to that LOWLIFE PAP and tried to get his name or picture on video. Then she could recognize him next time and make sure she gets a restraining order maybe for the future. Poor kid is finally acting out from all these years of being hounded. That kid is going to have some anger issues I think.”

Do you think that Katie Holmes should have stepped in, when her daughter was being humiliated? Do you think she might have let Suri down for not defending her by doing nothing? Or do you think she was protecting her daughter by trying to get away from this nasty situation as fast as possible? Does that seem like a reasonable thing to do? Let us know in the comments.

On a positive note, as mentioned earlier, Suri Cruise seems to have forgotten the whole incident already because she was seen out, and about again today, walking around with her pink gym bag and her mother. She seemed to be in high spirits. A true star in the making!

*(Not all of these autograph seekers are actual fans. Some have made a career out of hunting down celebrities and getting them to sign a head shot, CD or movie poster in order to auction it off to the highest bidder on the Internet. Therefore most celebrities do not like these people, not in the least because they earn a profit from the celebrity without any commission for the celeb but also they take up space/time which a “real” fan could have used. So for them it does not seem fair.)


By Georgina Pijttersen


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  1. Barbara   July 13, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Just because it’s the first time YOU heard it, doesn’t mean it’s the first time it happened. They get called stuff all the time n an attempt to get a reaction out of them. Paps suck.

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