Kanye West Angry Over The Leak Of Video ‘Black Skinhead’


0620_kanye-westIt is an artist’s worst nightmare, to see your art leaked or stolen before it is officially released.  Artists put in hours of blood, sweat and tears to put out the best quality work for their fans and for some they see their work leaked and/or stolen right from underneath them. The majority of the times, it is someone who is close to them looking to make a quick buck.  They did not put in any hard work in creating but want to cash in on the final product.  So it is not surprising that Kanye West is angry or pissed off that his music video was leaked or that girlfriend Kim Kardashian shared faked baby photos of their baby girl North.  The media may not of liked it and may tell Kanye to chill and that this kind of stuff happens all the time.  Or, they may question if the video was really “leaked” for some artists have intentionally leaked their work.

This does not seem like an intentional leak though because what was leaked was a very rough draft of the video in need of editing.  So what could of been the purpose of this leak and why is it that so many find it their duty to leak an artists’ work before it is completed, if I was Kanye I would be upset as well.  To see my work leaked on the internet and in a form that is not of best quality would angry me.  True artists value their work and want their work distributed in it’s best quality and not a poor rough draft where Kanye’s face is barely noticeable.  So with that Kanye West has every right to be angry, this video is his art and some one close to him or the production crew disrespected what he was creating by leaking it to the internet before it was finished.

Kanye has since taken to twitter and asked that whoever leaked the video, take it down immediately.  Kanye tweeted, “Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens.”

Kanye followed up by saying that the video will be finished in about another week before tweeting: “To whoever leaked the video F*** YOU!”

-Kelly J Newson

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