Life in the Universal Tension Between Opposites

Life in the Universal Tension Between Opposites

What is truth?  So many vie for the answers to this eternal question.  Science, medicine and religion all have their go at philosophies which sometimes can be proven and often times just seem to ‘make sense.’  But what is ‘proof’ after-all?  We have all seen that which was proven as yesterday’s truth can just as soon become a lie today – an outlived paradigm, an outdated theory.  It all depends upon perspective and one’s vantage point in the now described ‘expanding universe.’  Is life becoming more and more something to be lived in the universal ‘tension between opposites’ in order to be successfully navigated – rather than to cling to one pole or another?

Universal Perspective

Einstein once said: “People like us, who believe in physics, know the distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Is it safer to say – as so do many masters of metaphysics – that the only ‘real’ place is the present moment?  Or with the discussion of multiverses now becoming a common theme among scientists, is it even more correct to assume the past, present and future to be simultaneously existing at once, even in multiple realities?   Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist and ‘philosopher-king of quantum theory’, once stated that a great truth is a statement whose opposite is also a great truth.

In this time of ‘his’ and ‘her-story’ we each are trying to grapple with an ever fluctuating reality based on quickly evolving scientific unveilings and individual understandings of the universe.  There has never been a time in recorded ‘history’ that things changed so fast – within one generation – where the populace was asked to, time and again, throw away one truth for a new one.  The problem often is – people are so immersed in ‘fiction’ they are not informed as to the ‘latest’ science until the latest is late.   Scientist and entheobotonist ‘explorer’ Terrance McKenna described this time as the climax of ‘100% novelty’, when reality would be in a state of constant upgrades and newness.  Where it used to take a life-time or many lifetimes for something novel, such as the development of art, language, computers, etc. to occur, now these massive inventions and societal ‘upgrades’ are happening within years, months or even days.

Good verses Evil

As we look around us, we are faced with a society that still ‘chases the bad guy’ while more and more the lines between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are becoming blurred.  Social unrest worldwide speak to the growing numbers of people and countries unsatisfied with those ‘leading’ them, and the rampant and continuous ‘invasion’ of personal rights is enough to leave any individual struggling with the question of truth and honesty in a  ‘government.’

Life seems to be coming to the realization that we are existing in the universal ‘tension between opposites.’  Are we being asked to prefer neither pleasure nor pain like the yogic wisdom of Vairagya – or nonattachment? The alchemy of today is one of internal transmutation, where the fire of consciousness is used to burn away preferences and merge into the knowing that all things are One in the larger perspective.  As science speaks of ‘dark matter’ as being the pervading essence of the universe, we could also say that the ‘unknown’ reality is more true that the one we think we know.  What are the implications of this?

Be the change

Gandhi said to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ – what does this really mean?  In quantum mechanics and the subatomic universe – if you look for something, you are likely to find it  and that thing you look for – well, if you need it to be a wave, it’s a wave – or a particle if you prefer a particle.  More and more room is being left for the ‘observer’ to realize they are the only one creating anything. This is a tricky state for the masses at this current juncture while most people seem to be more keen on being told what to do than choosing their reality.  Could this be because we have become bogged down with what we think is ‘expected’ from us – from an ‘outside’ source?   The ‘inner truth’ is rising up to say the only ‘person’ to listen to is the self – though only when the self is truly aligned with the universal laws of truth.  Is this a catch 22?

As more ‘disasters’ occur in the world around us we can either cave to fear and discontent – which only results in inner turmoil and depression – or we can choose to experience peace – no matter what.  The tension between the opposites becomes a life lived by the decision to live the universal principle of truth no matter what happens.  If two poles are pulling equally in opposite directions – there is no movement in the middle.  Stillness remains.  When we ‘prefer’ one happening over the other, we continue to be pulled back and forth between the experiences which inevitably occur all around us.  When we choose peace – nothing can sway us, nothing.

Are we able to view life as Einstein –  an illusion of perceived time, though know the ‘truth’ of it?  Can we think like Niels Bohr the philosopher quantum physicist- knowing each truth has an equal and opposite valid truth? Can we live in the universal tension between opposites with no particular preference as to the outcome of things, but rather peace in an ever-changing world?   To do this would mean to rise above the ever so human sensual pleasures as well as surrendering to the possibilities of pain equally.  This is huge.  Can it be done?  And when we do so – where will we be?  Will the long mused of ‘unity’ rather than ‘duality’ consciousness reign?  This is for every being to discover.  Please share your thoughts on this one…I am curious of your experience.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: NY Times