Maca Miracle For Hormone Balance

Maca Miracle for Hormones
Our bodies release literally dozens of hormones from various glands in order to keep things in ‘working order.’ Sometimes, things can go off balance and affect the way we feel and the symptoms experienced- ranging from simple fatigue to more serious conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes, debilitating pain and cancer.  It is critical that we keep our hormones in balance and Maca, an amazing Peruvian root, can be a miracle when it comes to harmony in the body.

Similar to ginseng in it’s adaptogenic effects, Maca has more recently been touted for it’s wonderful hormone balancing and work out recovery effects.  Whether it is mood swings, low testosterone, hot flashes or adrenal exhaustion, Maca seems to work like a charm in balancing everything.  Maca has also been shown to boost libido, increase energy and stamina and alleviate fatigue.  Men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of Maca and it can safely be used during pregnancy, menopause, puberty and menstruation.  For challenges with impotence, Maca root can be a life-saver and is often termed ‘nature’s viagra’, also shown to increase fertility in men and women.

One of the few plants in the world to thrive at high altitudes, Maca can be found growing in the high Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru.  Praised as a ‘superfood’ Maca root contains all the vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and fats necessary to survive.  Maca root is a powerful adaptogen as it helps the body more easily adapt to stresses and overcome exhaustion.  Maca can be helpful for people who are battling stressful life situations or are engaging in potentially ‘stressful’ bodily activities such as working out regularly or high intensity sports.

Women can greatly benefit from Maca during all phases of life as it balances each and every gland of the endocrine system helping to create the proper blend of hormones for high spirits and a healthy body/mind.  Maca can help regulate an irregular cycle as well as eliminate hot flashes in menopause.  During pregnancy there is hardly anything better for giving all the nutrients to a growing baby and feeding the mood and body of the pregnant mother.

Maca is one of those herbs that if you haven’t tried yet, it is high time!  Coupling great with chocolate, raw Maca root can make an amazing Choco-Maca beverage sure to please any tongue with it’s somewhat malty flavor.  Starting around 1 teaspoon, advancing to 1 tablespoon per day, Maca can be added to smoothies, stirred into nut butters or sprinkled on popcorn or ice cream.  If you can’t handle the taste, you can find Maca root in capsules at most health food stores.

Anyway you take it, Maca is a life-saver for helping balance those pesky hormones that can leave you feeling run down or bent out of shape.  Great for the thyroid, adrenals, reproductive glands, the pineal and pituitary, to name a few – Maca is the yogic root for everybody.  Adding Maca root to any regimen can give you the ‘pick me up’ without the crash and a genuine healthy smile without the buzz.

(This information is not intended to diagnosis, cure or treat any ailment. If you are experiencing hormonal or glandular difficulties, consult your intuition as well as your professional health practitioner for advice and ideas as to what will work for you.)

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Women’s Health Magazine; Navita Natural; Inner Body; Natural News; Sexual Health; The Nourishing Gourmet

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