National Geographic to Publish Companion Book to Angry Birds Star Wars Games

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WASHINGTON (July 22, 2013)—National Geographic Books, entertainment company Rovio and Lucasfilm Ltd. announce today the companion book to the Angry Birds Star Wars games by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The deal was acquired by National Geographic Editorial Director Janet Goldstein and Editor Bridget English, and this becomes the newest title in a line of Angry Birds™ books published by National Geographic Books.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with the best partners in their fields and co-create a book aimed to delight the fans of all of our brands — and the amazing brand of Angry Birds Star Wars. Lucasfilm and the National Geographic Society have been working with Rovio Books to create a wonderful companion to the Angry Birds Star Wars app, with new material from the upcoming game. The book hits shelves two days before the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars II on Sept. 19, and we believe the fans are going to have a fun time with the book and the game,” said Sanna Lukander, vice president of Book Publishing at Rovio Entertainment.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS: The Science Behind the Saga,by Amy Briggs (National Geographic Books; ISBN 978-1-4262-1302-1; Sept. 17, 2013; $13.95 paperback), unites Angry Birds, Star Wars and National Geographic to take fans on a galactic mission to uncover the true stories, technology and unbelievable science behind the science fiction. Readers will learn how life imitates art by exploring the discovery of Kepler-16b, a real Tatooine-like planet; learning how a hovercraft works and how it resembles the landspeeder; and finding out how close we are to creating a real-life lightsaber.

“The new NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS book continues the commitment to fun in education that unites us with our partners Rovio and Lucasfilm. We hope readers will delight in learning about the popular characters and the science behind the iconic Star Wars story,” said Melina Bellows, National Geographic’s executive vice president and chief creative officer of Books, Kids and Family.

The book will be organized into chapters that correlate to the Star Wars saga and the levels in the games. To tell the story, the book will use artwork of iconic game scenes and sequences. To show the science, illustrations will feature call-outs that explain the scientific underpinnings of key elements. For instance, readers will learn:

  • Can we use starlight to power planes?
  • Will traveling through hyperspace be possible?
  • How close are we to discovering life on other planets?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS is the fourth book in the ongoing collaboration between National Geographic, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, and Rovio Entertainment, an industry-changing entertainment media company with a broader mission to make learning fun. A fifth book in the series, “National Geographic Angry Birds Seasons: A Festive Flight Into the World’s Happiest Holidays and Celebrations,” is slated for release Jan. 7, 2014.

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Source: National Geographic Press Release

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