Deforestation Inspires Creative New Efforts

Lost Bamboo Forests of Southern China
The Fragmentation of our worlds forests is inspiring new creative efforts of conservation. Did you know that nearly 36 million acres of forest are lost every year due to deforestation. The United States is the worlds biggest consumer of industrial wood products, meaning we are responsible for a large portion of these forests being torn down. The worlds forests are being destroyed and fragmented leaving the majority of the wild forest ecosystems left only in Brazil, Russia and North America. Forests are the home for 66% of the worlds plant and animal kingdoms and provide 75% of the worlds fresh water. The Fragmented Forests Project is working to raise public awareness about what is happening to our forests through education and inspiration as well as the online unification of related conservation activities occurring around the planet.  I guess you could say deforestation is inspiring creative new efforts.

Here in the United States we have some mishandled purchasing power. With so many ‘inexpensive woods’ available to us through places like Asia and South America, we are largely responsible for supporting poor forest management as well as illegal logging practices through the items we choose to purchase. With so much furniture already created, landing itself in second hand and refurbished furniture stores across the nation, we have a responsibility to highly consider reusing wood products rather than purchasing new ones, contributing to the further desecration of our worlds forests.

Terry Asker, Hedin Daubenspeck, Violet Carlon and Dr. Karen Dawson make up the team which is The Fragmented Forests Projectworking to educate the public and inspire action to support global conservation through a unique vision. TerryAsker’s photography captures images of the pristine remnants of the worlds critically threatened forests, wildlife and indigenous cultures in order to inspire people to save what we have left on this Earth and not destroy it. A donation to this amazing education and conservation project can get you one of their world-famous fine art photographs to hang in your office or home as a reminder of your contribution and the hand you have played in saving the forest lands. Forest fragmentation is now inspiring the muse of creativity in order to foster new efforts to conserve.

Fragmented Forest Project Image

Terry Asker, as founder of The Fragmented Forests Project, has been inspired to put energy and life passion into supporting these threatened ecosystems of the world which include not only the forests and animal species, but indigenous peoples who live among the forests as well. Over the past 25 years, his work has taken him into over 76 different countries as a freelance photographer where he has only just begun to capture a broad scope of images portraying the magnificence of the forests and their biodiversity.

The Fragmented Forests website is a wellspring of information regarding what is left in the each of the unique forest habitats of the world, such as in the coastal forests of eastern Africa where only 10% remains. Agricultural expansion proves to be the biggest threat in the continued loss of this vital forest which has provided a home to monkeys and small mammal species now becoming vulnerable to unsustainable bush meat hunting. The Alerce forests of southern Chile (called the redwoods of South America) are down to 15% of the original habitat, where the Alerce trees – relatives of the great cypress – reach more than 150 feet tall and 13 feet in diameter and have stood for over 3,600 years. These rare forests face illegal logging practices threatening to destroy the remaining splendor of these magnificent trees by seeking out their rare and precious wood, resins and bark for products such as roofing shingles.


Education is the only way to halt the destruction of these majestic and life-sustaining forests. “The Fragmented Forests Project focuses on secondary education and multicultural global educational outreach campaigns utilizing photography, video and science in order to promote solutions on how to keep these forests thriving and supporting our lives as well as the lives of so many other vital species.” Dr. Karen Dawson is working with schools and other educational outlets to set up programs in order to inform our youth and adult population alike on what steps we can take to sustain our worlds forests. She explains:

We are creating an interactive learning adventure for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. By studying the forest’s of many lands, the students will be exposed to a multicultural curriculum. Using multidisciplinary activities students will travel to different ancient forests to gather information to solve mysteries created to enhance the learning experience.

You too can get involved and be newly inspired by the creative gifts offered to those who support the efforts of The Fragmented Forests Project. For more information and to donate to this amazing project visit Please watch for further articles highlighting more on the unfolding of this beautiful conservation action.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: The Fragmented Forests Project