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Nelson Mandela Cannot Celebrate His Birthday on July 18

Nelson Mandela cannot celebrate his birthday on July 18
South Africa – July 18 is known as Mandela Day. It is the former South African President and anti-Apartheid hero’s birthday. He would have turned 95 years old, this year. Nelson Mandela cannot celebrate his Birthday on July 18, though he will always be remembered for his contribution to a peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy.

Mandela day is celebrated around the world with concerts and social events, and the key 67 minutes dedicated to inspiring people to take action and make the world a better place by contributing and offering their services to maintain or uplift the underprivileged. It is a remarkable time for companies and individuals alike to get involved in a massive social project for a man who made a difference. This event will be a successful day for many companies and individuals who organize these events. It is hoped that the profits would amount to an increase in donations for the Mandela education legacy.

Nelson Mandela made a difference to many people, places and countries during his lifetime. The famed Icon was admitted to hospital on June 8 for a recurring lung infection and since that time a large media group reported on the health updates from the South African Government or the Mandela family, the most common reference being ‘critical, but stable’. The ongoing lies and deceit remain a worrying factor, as the truth is not being told. Tomorrow will mark forty-one days of intensive care treatment, and this is arguably the most devious lie of all. We know that intensive care treatment is for severe life threatening illnesses, and on his fifteen days of treatment, it was reported that his kidneys were functioning at 50 percent only. So terribly sad indeed.

Many South Africans and international people believe that Nelson Mandela has passed on and that the government is conspiring to keep him ‘alive’ for dubious reasons only. The current news reports about people praying outside the hospital, and no official announcements are made. There is not much happening outside the hospital, it is quiet and July 18 marks Mandela being in hospital for 41 days. It is sad that this lie has now demonstrated the truth of a corrupt government.

Mandela was a man of considerable influence who lived an extraordinary life, and has left a legacy for us to move forward and make our world a better place. Yet the greed and power emanating from the Mandela name is hurtful and gives a significant amount of negative publicity toward a government that has not been truthful, regarding this issue. A sad time indeed and we should all remember Nelson Mandela with respect and celebrate his life; we should remain grateful that we are alive and have the opportunity to make that difference.

Mandela may not be with us in person, but his spirit remains forever with us, and we have the incredible memories of a man who made a transformation. This Mandela day will be different because it will be marred by the deception of the government. People will focus on the intimate and meaningful participation, yet not knowing the truth will add a tinge of doubt into any celebration.

40 days are a fairly significant number of days in history; the days in the wilderness; the rain for 40 days and nights – and, perhaps, the most significant will be the official announcement of Mandela’ death. A number that throughout history has portrayed an important meaning.

Although Nelson Mandela will not be celebrating his Birthday this July 18, we take this opportunity to pay tribute to him and pray for South Africa to remain a reliable and influential country – and to find peaceful solutions for the beautiful rainbow nation.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela.

Written by Laura Oneale

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