Nelson Mandela: Tragedy of Death, Travesty of Cover-up

Nelson Mandela Hospital Time Line

Nelson Mandela Hospital Time Line

It has already been noted by the world’s media, and other sources, that Madiba, the beloved former President of South Africa, had a history of  health problems, going back to at least January 2011. If one looks at the facts surrounding his latest decline, one can see the unfolding tragedy of Nelson Mandela’s death and the travesty of the cover-up that surrounded it.

While the rest of the world is convinced that the 94 year-old icon for peace is still alive and fighting for his life, our sources still maintain that the great man died last week as we originally reported. Our journalist in South Africa, Laura Oneale, has put together a timeline that shows how Nelson Mandela’s health deteriorated and what actions were taken by his family and those in power in South Africa.  For those of you who still believe that the Nobel Peace Prize winning man is alive; read the timeline, the clues are there.

January 2011: Spent two days in hospital for acute respiratory infection.

February 2012: Received exploratory surgery to probe for abdominal pain.

December 2012: Spent nearly three weeks in hospital for recurring lung infection.

March/April 2013: Spent over a week in hospital receiving treatment for pneumonia.
June 8, 2013: Admitted to hospital for recurring lung infection.

June 9, 2013: Wife Graca Maharaj cancels London Trip. Mac Maharaj ANC government spokesperson says that Mandela can breathe on his own, his heath is serious, but stable.

June 11, 2013: Second announcement from government officials, President Zuma says, critical but stable and the best doctors and medical care is being given. States that Mandela’s doctors are “making him better.” Security highlighted and more intense, only family members allowed to visit Madiba.

June 14, 2013: First week in intensive care. President Zuma still says that Madiba is getting better, although his heath is still critical, but stable. Mandela’s daughter returns from Argentina.

June 15, 2013: President Zuma visits the increasingly frail Mandela and reports that he is still critical, but stable.

June 22, 2013: Madiba becomes unresponsive to treatment and family discuss how much medical intervention can be given. Reports state that his kidney’s and liver are functioning at 50 percent, and that he is still critical but stable. Mandela’s grandson tells media that he is getting better.

The news of the ambulance breakdown on June 8 is revealed and how Mandela was stranded for more than 40 minutes before a replacement vehicle arrived. Cardiac problems mentioned.

June 23, 2013: Family summoned to hospital. Presidency announced on Sunday that the  94 year-old icon’s condition has worsened and become critical in the last 24 hours.

June 24/25, 2013: Johannesburg – The DA is saddened by the news of the former South African president’s declining heath. Democratic Alliance spokesperson Mmusi Maimane releases a statement on Monday saying, “The news from the presidency that former President Mandela is now in a critical condition came as a blow to all South Africans.” Media begins reporting on funeral plans.

Qunu family meeting with elders of village discuss gravesite preparations and sensitive family matters. Grandson storms out of the meeting. That same day,

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba, joins the Mandela family at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital where Mandela was being treated.

Gravediggers at grave site and streets in Qunu being repaired.

June 27, 2013: Report that Mandela has died and the government cannot announce or confirm as it would overshadow American President Obama’s visit to the country. Mandela’s death would create a security nightmare, as crowd response would most likely emulate the public reaction to Chris Hani’s death in 1993. Mandela’s daughter visits gravesite in Qunu.

June 27, 2013: Danish newspaper reports Mandela’s death and within minutes pull the article. Australian politician  makes public apology for stating that Mandela has died. Mandela family lash out at media and accuse them of being insensitive.

The Guardian Express, who reported Mandela’s death has website attacked by a South African Source.

Grandson Mandla in family dispute over burial and a court interdict filed.

Reports that the Pretoria Military Chapel has been equipped to receive Mandela’s body in preparation of funeral.

June 28, 2013: Media given one hour to remove their vehicle from outside Mandela’s hospital.

Obama arrives in South Africa, conflicting reports on Mandela from Government and family that state the icon is getting better. Thousands of social media reports confirming that Mandela is dead.

June 29, 2013: Preparation and chart of funeral procession is published

Max Sisulu, ANC spokesperson states that Mandela’s condition is improving.

President Obama meets with Mandela family for brief meeting and doesn’t visit Nelson Mandela at the family’s request. President Zuma announces that there is a “flicker of hope” for Mandela and his ex-wife Winnie states that he is getting better.

Former president FW De Klerk cancels holiday (vacation) plans and returns to South Africa.

Local news reports highlight President Obama’s visit and only a few references to Mandela are mentioned. President Zuma states that Mandela’s condition is unchanged and that he will, hopefully, get better soon and be discharged from the hospital.

That concludes the “health timeline” of Nelson Mandela. Our sources continue to re-affirm that Nelson Mandela died last week as we initially and truthfully reported. We have received news of more sources who have come forward to report to us that Madiba did indeed die last week as we reported.

We have further information about the great man’s death that will be written about in another article. We know, for example, that the British government approached the South African government on June 30, 2013 and requested permission to hold a memorial service for Nelson Mandela and that the Queen will be attending.

Doesn’t sound like they believe the lie that Mandela is getting better either.

Our sources, combined with the sustained two-day attack on our website from South Africa,  have led us to believe even more firmly that our report was correct.

If you read the health timeline for the South African icon of peace, you can see where propaganda and misinformation from the South African president and his government begin. The death of Nelson Mandela was a tragedy and the cover-up, a travesty. That the Mandela family has been coerced into backing the lie is obvious. We stand firm on our claim that the great man died last week and we know that this travesty will soon be over.

Written by Michael Smith (United Kingdom), based on a timeline by Laura Oneale (South Africa)
Contributor: Graham J Noble (United States)



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  1. This is the ANC lying again. Why has his wife not commented on his health ? The Guardian Express is correct.


  3. Africans (regardless of color) do know and are sensitive to their ‘African traditions and culture’ of our diverse nationalities. DEATH or just the thought of it, especially of a beloved family member (in any African household)is not a joke… Yes, Madiba is the world’s most famous Public Figure, but @ the end of the day, He is an African man,belongs to his beloved family and is a Human being. Whether he died June last year, last month, yesterday or just now – In the end, it is his FAMILY that will be indelibly affected by his death. The rest of the world will be temporarily affected especially the Press, until there is another juicy story to tell. In my opinion, it does not matter when he died or will die. I am not interested in the facts trying to make the news. Give MADIBA and his FAMILY the respect they deserve. In matters like this, regardless whether one is a State’s man or not, it is the FAMILY’S Final call…No one else’s. Africans will understand this I am sure.

    1. I agree. Madiba’s family must have the respect they deserve. …BUT as you rightfully stated, he is also a Father to the Nation (South Africa) and a Peace Icon to the world. If that is true…. then don’t we have a deserve to know…and not be lied too. Let us also grieve the same way the family grieves. NOT TO BE LIED TO!!

  4. What can we say…….better to keep quiet, safer anyway….its not our place to say anything, and yes you have the right to your voice to be heard, but who will take you serious. We live in a world where stories are told and made up, how can we believe anything that gets said on the news and in newspapers …….when the great leader of Iraq was killed it was on the news and there was live footage, but we all know we can do amazing things with computers…………………believe it or not ?????

  5. Its very unussually , that they are not showing the public pictures of him OR hospital visits. Even on his bitrhday, he is a public figure ** we always see him on his birthday ,regardless of his state,the public understands that he is an old man ,they can’t possibly hide him because of geriatric features, something is not right despite the alleged illness

  6. Can you get inside that Yard atleast?are you allowed!No!so ovyasly can’t about the Room where Mandela. Is.So only Someone who has been inside that room can present this kind of information.#TypicalLostSoul*

  7. whether he died yesterday last week or last year! it doesnt matter to us as SA citizen’s we are well aware of the fact that the man has has his years of serving our country!

    we know he will never bee the same again, so may his soul rest in peace for the future or past… like i said it doesnt matter

    Enjoy all you so called facts.. thanks for the information,

  8. It sounds like a case of being the “journalist of the year” award and trying to be the first to expose some kind of crime. Youu forget, Mandela does not belong to us, it is not a matter of someone answering to us and keeping us in the loop on every detail like when machines are turned off-it is a personal family matter. Whatever their reasons, if what you say is true, it hasn’t been to the detriment of our country or its people. When the time is right we will be told. For whatever reason, the family are sorting things out between them and yes these matters are in the press and the limelight but what family doesn’t have disputes and disagreements and sadly often at the loss of a loved one or one who is dying. He is one of the most powerful and motivational icons and hero’s of our time, but remember he is also a human being with a family like we all have. We do not need or deserve to know every little talk about machines and plugs and everyone around him and you forget that Madiba, a true hero, someone I have met, is dying. We should be praying for him. Your article sounds like you are wanting to win a prize for sitrring the pot. Perhaps a wooden spoon would suffice. Shame on you! Well after having met Madiba, he certainly wouldn’t be exploring your agenda, after all he is about humanity, forgiveness and love. Perhaps put your heart into your work.

  9. Why is this the only news to report madiba dead? if there are others, please share

  10. you claim your facts are correct.. what is Graca’s surname? Maharaj? International Press has made this about sensation rather than honoring the man.. Typical

  11. There has been much speculation in South Africa about why Obama didn’t make the most of a personal photo opportunity with Mandela as is his wont in respect of other tragic circumstances. In my opinion, you are right on the money here…

  12. But this is article is abit deceptive. The whole family gathering about the burial sites and the gravediggers seen is a separate story about the remains of Mandela’s 3 relatives…you have written it as if they are digging Mandela’s grave but in actual fact they were removing the remains of his relatives. I respect reporting on controversial matters but dont exclude information to fit your agenda

  13. While it is a time of mourning South Africa should be considering the celebration of Mandela’s life, which has been a great gift to S A and indeed the world. Let him go in peace. He has earned it. My deepest sympathies to his family and country.

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