Officials Play Politics in Uttarakhand Rescue Efforts (Video)


supremo mayawatiSupremo Mayawati, Chief of India’s Bahujan Samaj Party, condemned officials for playing politics in Uttarakhand rescue efforts. She said political parties were participating in deceptive practices in advancing self interests in regards to the calamity at Uttarakhand.

It was reported that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who seeks to become a prime minister candidate, had rescued 15,000 Gujaratis from the Uttarakhand floods. Modi is suspected of playing politics because it is believed his efforts are only directed towards the people of his own state.

“We strongly condemn the political party, whose leader stakes claim for the post of the Prime Minister, but talks about saving people only from Gujarat,” she said.

It is suspected that Modi is guilty of trying to raise his profile among his constituents in a bid to win the Office of the Prime Minister. About 3,000 pilgrims from different states are still missing in Uttarakhand. Almost 60% are from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

“A person having such narrow mentality cannot be the one to occupy the top post with honesty. You have to keep this in mind,” Mayawati said while addressing Brahmin Bhaichara Sammelan at Ramabai Ambedkar. Officials involved with the play of politics in Uttarakhan rescue efforts should only consider the lives of those that are in distress.

Those missing include 40 from Ahmedabad, 32 from Kheda, 25 from Surat, seven from Vadodara, six from Narmada, four from Anand and two each from Sabarkantha, Rajkot and Bhavnagar.

“BSP requested the Centre and the state government to extend maximum possible assistance, but I am sad to say that even at this time of deep trouble, some political parties are indulging in politics,” she said.

Modi’s actions were criticized as ‘Rambo’ tactics in promoting details of rescue campaigns occurring under his charge. He has been accused by congress as acquiring political mileage in times of a natural disaster. During the tumultuous times in Uttarakhand it seems the politicians jockey for power are at the expense of the distressed populous.

Supporters of Modi have stated the allegations and attacks against Modi are unwarranted. It has been noted that other Chief Ministers have taken similar approaches in recording their deeds of rescue missions.

“We are grieved with massive loss of life and property due to incessant rain and landslide in Uttarakhand, we pray to give courage to the affected people,” said Mayawati. Officials betray the problems of Uttarakhand as they play politics in the rescue efforts of the region.

By Thomas Barr

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