Pakistan is an Enemy of the United States


Pakistan-Air-Force-2Evidence proves that the Pakistani military gave safe haven to America’s number one enemy, Osama bin Laden.  When intelligence services discovered he was in Abbottabad, a raid was planned to capture or kill the al-Qaeda leader.  Pakistan is now calling the action an ‘act of war.’  Knowing that Pakistan harbored the cowardly organizer of the attack on ‘911,’ makes them an enemy of the United States.

The report of the Abbottabad Commission makes the false claim that Pakistani officials were unaware that bin Laden had been living near a military base for years.

The raid illustrated Washington’s “contemptuous disregard of Pakistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in the arrogant certainty of […] unmatched military might”, the report concluded in its “Findings” section.

The report also criticized the government and military for not securing the country’s borders, and both allowing bin Laden to enter their country unnoticed, (supposedly), and the United States to initiate an attack on Pakistani soil without being detected.

The military was the major focus.  When the air force was asked why low-level radar did not detect the American helicopters, they replied that they were in ‘peace time’ mode, and not active on the western border with Afghanistan.  Pakistani air force jets were scrambled after U.S. helicopters had left the area.

“There was no pro-active anticipatory policy or policy planning,” the report says, in detailing how the Pakistani military apparently had no contingency plans in place to respond to a unilateral US raid.

The report stated that such a raid by the U.S. was not totally unexpected.

“Is it official or unofficial defense policy not to attempt to defend the country if threatened or even attacked by a military superpower like the US?” the report asks several top military officials, including the chief of the air force and the director-general of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Shuja Pasha who was the director of the ISI at the time of the raid, claims that Pakistan has become weak, and too dependent on the United States.

He said that the case of Bin Laden was one “not so much of specific individual or institutional failure, but [one of] collective and systemic failure”.

Pasha went on to allege that Pakistani society was “deeply penetrated” by US intelligence and other services, quoting a US intelligence officer as having told him: “You are so cheap … we can buy you with a visa, with a visit to the US, even with a dinner … we can buy anyone.”

The report also claims that the ISI ceased its search for Osama bin Laden in 2005 because the United States stopped sharing information with them.

The question must be asked; is this report a cover-up for the intentional hiding of bin Laden.  It seems inconceivable that the world’s most hunted man was living in a large compound, in plain sight, and no one knew he was there.

If Pakistan was intentionally harboring bin Laden, they are an enemy, not an ally of the United States.

Alfred James reporting


2 Responses to "Pakistan is an Enemy of the United States"

  1. American   March 23, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    The facts are, Bin laden was found, in what would be the equivalent of West Point Academy U.S. Army in the United States, up state New York. Pakistan was hiding Bin laden, and you know it. Pakistan is not a friend of the United States: Bin laden is a friend of Pakistan., and many of its people. You made your bed, and we all know it , India is our answer to you, as China is your answer to India. We, United States is the answer to China, and Russia. Time to leave Pakistan,and invite India, into Afghanistan, 2nd front against Pakistan. We know whom our enemies are, we use to be friends, no longer. War is inevitable, always have been, and always will be. Especially when friends betray each other, lost 30 friends in World trade center attack in NYC. Your country is the problem, and always will be .

  2. Jake Holder   July 9, 2013 at 8:35 am

    This is extremely irresponsible journalism! The type that could incorrectly incite negative public sentiment and even cause war! Did you ever hear of “self-fulfilling prophecy? The title alone is extremely irresponsible. Who is a journalist or editor to make such a bold statement? “Pakistan is an Enemy of the United States”. This is classic example of where a person/journalist from USA or some other free country assumes other countries have resources and skills like the USA. News Flash – they don’t! It’s very conceivable Pakistan did NOT know Bin Laden was there. Even with our super high-tech satellite imaging and extensive network of ground intel, we were still not 100% he was there. Pakistan has 100 million people and about one million in Abbottabad! And I’m sure they don’t have the CIA, FBI, NSA, customs and border agents like we do to find a one in a million guy. Maybe they don’t go banging down people’s front doors either without significant probable cause. The people in the house seemed to be minding their own business.

    Did you consider Pakistan is just saying they didn’t know he was there so they cannot be accused of harboring him? Wouldn’t it be more of a problem if they said, “Yea, we knew he was there. We were harboring him.”? Wouldn’t that make them more of an enemy of the USA and cause more national security problems? If their report does claim, in fact, (you did not provide report – source) USA actions were “act of war”, isn’t that better then telling all their anti-American terrorist neighbors, “the Americans told us about Bin Laden and we helped them. We purposely had our air defense systems in peace mode and were not ready so the American’s could get him.” Wouldn’t it be much wiser to say the Americans actions were act of war rather than yea we helped them and are glad they got him? They have to worry about terrorist attacks too! The USA isn’t only country who might be the target of terrorist attack.

    Does it really matter if their report says Americans actions were “act of war” if they don’t do anything about it? Again, you’re thinking from a USA perspective. When we declare an act of war against us, there are ramifications. A country making a similar declaration (especially against the most powerful nation on the planet) might mean bo-diddly!

    Maybe the USA did not inform Pakistan of our intentions and actions before the raid for a reason? Like a situation where a client doesn’t tell his lawyer something because the client doesn’t want to put the lawyer in a position. It might have better for world peace and Pakistan if USA did not inform Pakistan of our intentions. Thus, not putting them in a position to either support or oppose our intentions. We could accomplish our task and they could truthfully say they didn’t know. Thus, we did not put them in a bad position.

    Please think these things through before you make such a bold headline statement that could, in fact, arouse very negative public sentiment, the kind that could actually cause war. Fortunately for all mankind, the leaders of Pakistan and the USA are smarter than you and lots of people in the world understand you’re just a journalist working under United States constitution and laws that provide for free speech and press and allow anyone like you to basically say anything, therefore not putting much weight on what you say.


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