Paris Hilton Link to Prosecuting Attorney David Schubert Death

Paris Hilton Link to David Schubert Death

Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars both have a link to the former prosecuting attorney David Schubert who was found dead in his Las Vegas home on Wednesday July 17 this year.

Schubert had worked on cases that dealt with both the 32 year-old celebrity who rose to fame after a sex-tape of her and her boyfriend was leaked on the internet and the 27 year-old American singer/songwriter and record producer Bruno Mars.

David Schubert’s body was discovered on Wednesday July 17, 2013 in his home. According to Schubert’s friend and personal lawyer, Lou Schneier, he was found sitting in his truck in his home’s garage with all the windows of the vehicle rolled down.

The Clark County coroner’s office declined to comment.

Schubert worked as the Clark County Prosecutor for 10 years which included time spent working as a liasiaon to the federal drug task force. The former deputy district attorney had, as part of his job, prosecuted Mars and Hilton for cocaine possession in unrelated incidents. But the 49 year-old prosecutor made his own headlines when he was sentenced to a nine month stretch on drugs and weapons charges last year.

The prosecutor resigned in 2011 after his arrest when he was found with $40 in rock cocaine and an illegal handgun in his car. Schubert then ran for the border to live in Mexico to avoid a jail sentence, but he did voluntarily return to the United States.

Upon his return, he told a judge that he felt his case had been treated harshly and unfairly. Schubert was expecting a mandatory probation and the chance to remove the felony conviction from his record. But, in court, the judge refused Schubert’s plea and called the ex prosecuting attorney, “a disgrace to his oath as a prosecutor and a lawyer” and stated that he would not get any special treatment.

It was quite a comedown for the man who’d had a professional link with Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars, which, no doubt, contributed to his death.

In a “jailed” interview with the local Las Vegas publication Las Review-Journal, Schubert said that he felt that he’d been targeted. He said, “I did what I did, and I accept the consequences, but I don’t feel I was treated fairly by the system.”

The former Clark County prosecutor had been placed in isolation for his own protection because of his sentencing other prisoners in the jail while he was still working for the courts.

According to Schneier, that my have added to Schubert’s sense of injustice. Scheiner also revealed that, the former prosecutor missed his check-in appointment with his parole officer last week and at the same time Schubert’s phone had been turned off. Schneier felt the phone had been cut because of lack of funds.

Parole officers visited Schuberts home several times in an attempt to contact him and the allegedly forced entry into his house where they found the body on Wednesday.

Schneier said, “I saw warning signs. Dave was extremely angry and despondent over the way he was being treated. It cost him his dignity, his law license, and finally, his life.”

Ironically Schubert’s sentence was more severe than those celebrities that he’d helped to prosecute and it may have contributed to his death. His prosecuting link to Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars were also ironic as both celebrities were allowed to make a plea deal and avoid jail time. Schubert is survived by two children, a 15 year-old son and a 14 year-old daughter.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom