Paris Jackson Leaves Hospital for Residential Treatment

Paris Jackson

Early in June, the daughter of late pop star icon Michael Jackson, attempted suicide. Now over a month later, Paris Jackson left the UCLA medical treatment center, and is now headed for a residential treatment center. Reportedly, Jackson’s grandmother Katherine Jackson and her biological mother Debbie Row met with doctors.

The doctors feel at this time, Paris needs to be continually monitored, and both women, “want her to get the help that she needs,” states a source close to the family. In early June, reports surfaced the 15-year old attempted suicide by slitting her wrists with a kitchen knife and took up to 20 ibuprofen tablets.

Paris’ life has been marred with ups and downs since her father, legendary pop icon Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50. Not only did the sudden death send shock-waves throughout the world, it affected his family deeply. This explains the path of Paris from hospital to residential treatment facility.

Paris, the middle child, was born April 3, 1998 to Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. The couple were briefly married before going their separate ways, Rowe released custody to Jackson. For years thereafter the children of the pop sensation hid from public life, veiled by masks and veils.

In 2007 Paris was thrust from anonymity to the spotlight when she appeared on several television shows including “Bullrun, “MTV Cribs,” and several talk shows, most notable the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2011 where Paris openly discussed her early years under masks.

It was in the summer of 2012, Paris’ young life became scrutinized by the public and authorities. The young beauty took to Twitter wondering about the whereabouts of her 82 year old grandmother. Shortly after, Jermaine Jackson, her uncle, stated Katherine was “resting” in Arizona.

Not more than a month later, the lives of Paris and her brothers were shaken again when a court removed custody from Katherine Jackson and passed temporary guardianship over to T.J. Jackson, a nephew of Michael Jackson’s. Just a few shorts weeks later, Katherine Jackson was reinstated as guardian after what seemed like a very brief investigation by authorities, discovered no paths of wrong-doing were uncovered. Life seemed to quiet again for the Jackson brood until Paris attempted suicide.

Varying reports and outlets chimed in with suggestions. The social media world exploded with accusations from every angle, including Paris’ response to being denied access to a concert. Additional sources pointed to the grief the Jackson children have never been allowed plus the dysfunction within the family.

Recently, claims were uncovered by Wade Robson, a choreographer that Michael Jackson sexually abused him. The reports spread throughout television and news outlets, sending the troubled teen into further decline. Many blamed Robson for creating claims against the deceased icon and throwing Paris into a “tailspin.”

Certainly, prior to her suicide attempt, Paris’ tweets were becoming darker, more cynical:

  •  “Don’t listen to a word I say/the screams all sound the same”
  •  “Can’t satisfy anyone”

Include the video of herself, posted on Youtube. In the video, Paris was self-deprecating with remarks such as,  “imagine that on a tombstone,”and “dies while choking on makeup.” On June 5, Paris attempted suicide. She was rushed to the hospital and now as of this week will leave the hospital for a residential treatment center. Earlier this month Paris extended her gratitude to fans, and begins a path of healing.

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