Paula Patton Stuns at ‘2 Guns’ Premiere

Shares steamy scene with Denzel Washington

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‘Bow-chicka-bow-wow!’ Paula Patton dropped jaws, and it wasn’t because arm candy husband, Robin Thicke was walking with her. Patton wore a gorgeous gown from the fall/winter collection of ‘Basil Soda.’ With a little leg and a lot of cleavage the star made a splash during the ‘2 Guns’ Premier in New York.

‘2 Guns’ stars Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and Paula Patton. The movie surrounds the story of an DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer, both undercover and on the run from a drug cartel. The movie is due for release nationally on August 2. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ actress gets down and dirty with co-star Denzel Washington in a steamy sex scene in the movie. When inquired about how husband, R&B sensation Robin Thicke felt about the scene, Patton shared:

He will find out at the premiere.  The day before we were going to shoot this, I was thinking about it and these are people that have been together before, and had a conversation, and made love, and it seemed kind of phony to me to have a shirt on, so it sprung it on the co star,” she said. ” So I was like I’m not going to be wearing a top. And I asked Robin before and he said go for it babe. We don’t really get hung up on those types of things. So once I decided to take my shirt off Denzel was like well I’m going to take my shirt off too.

Patton brought another level of steamy to the premier of  ‘2 Guns’ with her dress and much-loved spouse. The two have been together since they were 16-years-old. Their dating life was off and on until they finally wed in 2005. Thicke shared the secret of their successful marriage: “We have a great relationship and a great, sex life. We [always] have a great meal and talk until the kid goes to bed – then we get together.”

Patton has never been shy about the S-E-X word and has gloriously shared that as a secret to her happy live with her long-time friend and husband. Atop of being married to one of the hottest R&B singers, Patton is not new to sharing a scene with Denzel. A year after marrying her long-time sweetheart, Patton starred in ‘Deja Vu’ with the ‘Book of Eli’ actor. Patton shared during the making of the 2006 movie, Denzel liked to through curve-balls her way. She reflected on one scene in particular that caught her completely off guard:

He was always throwing things at me, but I guess the one that surprised me the most is that… We had talked about maybe in that moment when we kiss, that maybe we should, or maybe we shouldn’t, but we didn’t… He doesn’t like to plan out anything. And so we were doing the scene and he goes in for the kiss and I was a little bit taken aback. I bit his lip. It was like, ‘Oh my God!’ And I thought, ‘Okay, now Denzel thinks I’m a bad kisser. Great. Great!’ So that was one of those moments where I was like, ‘I wish I was a little more prepared. I would have put lip balm on!

The actress continues to make waves in Hollywood, starring in a plethora of films after ‘Deja Vu.’ She’s rumored to make a return as ‘Jane Carter’ in ‘Misson: Impossible 5.’ For now, she is enjoying the spotlight and with her gorgeous ‘Basil Soda’ gown at the ‘2 Guns’ premier, she is owning it.

Paula patton, robin thicke, premier, 2 guns
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