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Prince William and Duchess Kate, Royal Baby is Born!


The United Kingdom, Prince William and Duchess Kate are celebrating the birth of a baby boy, third in the line to the throne and a future king. The little boy is Queen’s Elizabeth third great grandchild.

The announcement said that the baby weighted 8 pounds 6 ounces, and William was there while she was in labor. The name of the baby Prince has not yet been announced.

The official news was released in a traditional manner, which is an official letter with Buckingham Palace letterhead on an easel. However, it was already late and dark when the baby was born, so, the palace decided to announce it through an electronic letter, following that, the official Twitter account proclaimed it as well, and after, the news went viral throughout the whole world, through television, social media, radio, etc.

The official bulletin said, “Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4:24 pm. Her Royal Highness and her son are both doing well.”

The Guardian media columnist Roy Greenslade explains that the frenzy of the Media is not new, “people have short memories. We’ve always been completely mad in the U.K about this strange paradox of wishing to maintain a monarchy in place while doing everything we can to make their lives miserable and intrude in their privacy.”

Also, Greenslade said that in 1982 people and the media followed Princess Diana the same way they did with Duchess Kate when she was pregnant. However, today people have access to all sorts of information and the celebrity media abounds, such as tabloids, magazines, bloggers, online websites, etc.

Twenty seven months ago, Prince William and Duchess Kate were married. National and international media has covered the Duchess´s pregnancy, because the royal baby will be the first royal heir to be born since 1982, when Prince William was born, in fact, in the same London Hospital.

Caroline Davies and Ben Jackson, from the British newspaper the Guardian, commented that it was seven days before Prince William was born when Prince and Princess of Wales revealed his name, William. However, they chose Harry’s name immediately. According with Davies and Jackson, the baby could be name James, as two English kings and six Scottish kings had that name. Also, George, because there have been six previous Georges. Other name might be Michael, like Kate´s father. Finally, Arthur is the other name, as Charles wanted to name William.

For now, the British monarchy is enjoying the popularity, in great part because of the romantic love story between Kate and William, and that will increase with the new royal baby.

A few weeks ago, the couple shared that they have decided to get a full time nanny and a maternity nurse. The Media has been speculating about the role that Kate’s mother will take in helping to raise the child, perhaps even moving to Kensington Palace.

At the moment, Queen Elizabeth has to be very pleased, the newborn is Elizabeth II’s third great grandchild. The queen and senior members of the royal family were notified first about the birth of the royal baby. Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth II is expected to spend some time getting acquainted with the little prince before she starts her annual summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

By: Oskar Guzman
Special correspondant.

SOURCE: the guardianUK, LAtimes, USAtoday