Randy Travis out of the Hospital and on the Road to Recovery

Randy Travis out of hospital and on road to recovery

Randy Travis out of hospital and on road to recovery
The country music and gospel singer Randy Travis is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery according to his publicist. On Wednesday, the publicist made the announcement that the 54 year-old Travis had been discharged from the Texas hospital where he was treated and that he’s been checked into a physical therapy facility.

Just three weeks ago, Travis was admitted to The Heart Hospital at Baylor Plano for treatment of congestive heart failure that had been caused by a combination of heart problems in his family history and complications from a viral infection that had spread to his heart.

After he’d been operated on for his heart ailment, he had a stroke which required more emergency surgery. The Three Wooden Crosses singer was listed as being in critical condition.

Travis’ fiance, Mary Davis released a statement on Wednesday that said, “Thanks to all the fans and friends for your continued prayers and support as Randy continues on the road to recovery.” Based on a statement made by the country singers doctors, Travis will have a long period of physical therapy ahead of him

The last two years have not been too good for Travis. He was arrested in 2012 and had several “run-ins” with the police. But it appears that his run of “bad luck” had ended with him getting out of the hospital and starting on the road to recovery in the physical therapy facility.

The award winning singer became a favourite with the country music crown in the 1980s. His debut album Storms of Life sold over three million copies and established him firmly in the world of country music. His career slumped in the 1990s and during that time, he took a break from music and focussed on acting.

He worked on several western genre films and in 1994 he returned to the world of country music. In 2002, Travis released the album Rise and Shine which contained the song Three Wooden Crosses. This song propelled the singer back into the public’s consciousness, but more as a country gospel singer than a “traditionalist” country performer.

Later, he returned to his traditionalist country roots and after recording a duet with fellow country singer Carrie Underwood, he moved back onto the mainstream country music charts to the number two position with the song I Told You So on Underwood’s 2007 album Carnival Ride.

He also got back into acting and worked in film and television again.

But while he was rebuilding his career, he divorced his wife of 19 years, Lib Hatcher. He had other problems that brought him into contact with Texas law enforcement. On one occasion he was found laying in the road naked and apparently intoxicated.

Prior to Travis’s admittance to hospital for a viral cardiomyopathy after a viral upper respiratory infection, he’d been touring. While the singer was in hospital, his fiance, friends and colleagues started a Twitter campaign to lend him support while he was listed in critical, but stable, condition.

At the time of Travis’ stroke, Mary Davis also thanked the many fans and friends of the country singer for their massive show of support. There is no doubt that Randy Travis getting out of the hospital so quickly after his stroke is a good sign that he really is on the long road to recovery.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom