Reflecting On The Black Community and America

Reflecting on Black Community in America

In the 1970’s the Black Panther Party took to the streets of Oakland, California. They demanded for equality and for police brutality to come to an end. The Black Panther party also exercised their right to bear arms but were fought with strong opposition by not only the police, but the republican party and the NRA itself.

These groups led by Republican Ronald Reagan, fought for gun control and disarming/dismantling the Black Panther Party. The FBI, with Hoover as it’s leader, ¬†fought to neutralize and take away the Black Panther’s right to bear arms.

The Black Panthers armed themselves and followed the law in acquiring guns. All the Black Panthers wanted was to protect their neighborhood, provide good and balanced breakfasts to the children of the neighborhood and keep the drugs out.

The Black Panthers also fought to keep police officers from brutalitizing their fellow brothers and sisters. They were the Black community’s neighborhood watch. They wanted to keep drugs and gangs out while fighting for equal rights for their people.

The equal rights they stood for were basic- such as education, jobs, housing, supermarkets with good produce, and the end of police brutality. Still, the FBI saw the The Black Panthers as a threat. The FBI didn’t understand the struggle of the Black community so they assumed the worst.

As years progressed the The Black Panthers saw their reign in the Black community coming to an end, as charges were trumped up on it’s leaders/founders- some kind of set up.

Still, The Black Panther party continues to feed the poor and do good by it’s community. However, let’s not confuse the The Black Panther Party that was founded by Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale with today’s new Black Panther Party.

Some of the Original Black Panther leaders are still alive today but live in exile in Africa or live private lives in the United States.

The Black Panthers were dismantled and the FBI applauded their “triumph”, unfortunately. With this, the Black community fell as well- as drugs and gangs began to infiltrate the Black community.

One must ask, what would the Black community look like had the The Black Panthers been aloud to fight for their community? What would their home look like had the FBI and state of California lawmakers not assumed they were communists, but out to better their community? What would it have looked like if it had been recognized that the police brutality not only in Oakland, but across the nation, needed to be stopped and still needs to be stopped today? What if Huey P Newton, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, were all alive today instead of being shot down by their murderers?

Would the Black community be better off? The Black community lost some great leaders in those most turbulent times.

Now ¬†in 2013, we lack that great leadership. Sorry, and many may agree, but Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t speak for me. What the Black community needs, is to step up and stand on their own. Get out there and vote, start and run some businesses, educate themselves, run for political office or help in running a political campaign.

Just as the youth want change, we must be the change. We must get into office or elect those who have our best interests in mind and will change the laws that were put into place during our great-grandparents and grandparents time.

The same goes for women rights. If a politician does not have your best interest in mind, then exercise your right to vote and push for voter registration drives. Help the elderly in getting the proper ID’s and educating everyone on the issues at hand.

The United States is the freest country of all and those freedoms and rights should not be enjoyed by just a small few but by all law abiding citizens.

This nation has elected it’s first Black President but it still has some work to do when dealing with racism, sexism and LGBT rights, as many open up and welcome the differences of the many people occupying this great land. We still have those who will never change their ways but we can push to make them a minority and began to set the example that America accepts all- no matter their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.


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