Rihanna Flashes Diamond Grill and Shows Up on Time for Jay-Z

Rihanna diamond grill

Oh, no she didn’t! Yes, she did. Rihanna took a moment from her brief cameo appearance yesterday to share with her Twitter fan base a flash of her diamond grill with a caption of, “‘I’m an outlaw b***h!!”

Probably not. Or maybe, if she didn’t show up on time. Jay-Z and Timberlake were the big winners of the star studded Wireless Festival in London. As Jay-Z was settling into his final number ‘Run This Town’ the crowd erupted into raucous cheers as Rihanna’s voice started the song.

Wearing a scantily clad mix of a white bra top and tight, leather skirt, Rihanna joined her mentor on stage to share in the spotlight. The crowd was entranced and showed nothing but love for the singing sensations. RiRi didn’t stay too long, her friend thanked her for coming before she departed. This of course gave the lithe beauty a moment backstage to grab her camera and flash her diamond grill to share with her many fans on Twitter.

RiRi gold grill
RiRi Flashes Diamond Grill




















It was nice to see Rihanna show up on stage and share it with her long-time mentor, especially since lately she has been making late a new fashion statement. This brief moment with Jay-Z should remind the Barbados darling to appreciate her fans.

Rihanna’s tardiness started becoming a habit last last year when she arrived at the start of her ‘777 Tour’ two hours later. The singer blamed “issues with luggage” not paying particular attention to over 100 fans and reporters who also made the trek to Mexico City, with luggage in tow.

During the same tour, Rihanna was accused of lip-syncing, barely dancing and to the frustration of dedicated fans, issued a nonchalant apology. Moving into 2013 RiRi’s unapologetic behavior continued.

July 10 was the most recent incident, Rihanna had a scheduled concert in Monaco, and showed up a record three hours and 10 minutes late. No apologies again. The exclusive event was $800 per person and fans were to dine on an upscale dinner while the singer performed. Incensed fans took to Twitter with messages like, “Are you lost?” and “YOU’RE LATE BABY.”

It is with high hopes Jay-Z has taken an issue and a seat with his young prodigy. RiRi has to understand that fans will only take so much abuse before pinning her negatively. Social media is a deadly tool for any celebrity and she can easily end up on the wrong side of fan appreciation to earning scathing reviews.

The once media darling is now drawing the ire of of music critics. Belgium music critic Sasha Van Der Speeten bit into the Barbados behind of RiRi, “There was a wall of reinforced concrete between Rihanna and the public at Sportpaleis. The pop icon played almost two hours on autopilot … it had the effect of a Valium overdose.”

Ouch. Even fans are taking to Twitter to share their displeasure of the declining commitment Rihanna has shown. Fans are relaying their experiences from her recent concert, calling her “drunk” and “stoned.” Rihanna simply cannot expect to receive fan accolades and continued commitment with such careless regard to her actions.

At least during the Wireless Festival when Jay-Z started ‘Run this Town’ Rihanna was there as expected to start the song. Let’s hope she flashes less diamond grill and learns from grandmaster JayZ who holds an impeccable record of attendance and commitment to fans. Maybe their brief stage share will remind Rihanna how far she has come, because of the fans.

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