Rihanna Shows Off Beautiful Human Body With Nipple Piercing (Photo)

Chanel Prim, And Proper Vibe

Rihanna Shows Of Beautiful Human Body With Nipple Piercing (Photo)

Yesterday Rihanna heated up the otherwise “normal” Chanel Haute Couture show. As usual she didn’t want to be seen as some wallflower, not that anybody can accuse her of that, and showed of her nipple piercing. How did she manage that? By wearing nothing more than a maxi Chanel vest dress, in almost see through snowy white. Which barely covered her flawless, and beautiful human body. She did want to keep the Chanel prim, and proper vibe going, and opted for typical Chanel pearl strands, and what do you know: a cute white flower. She also brought a creamy chanel handbag, and she couldn’t resist a cap-toe two color Chanel pump in a bid to humour Karl Lagerfeld. Miss Riri tweeted: “Went straight to the Chanel Couture show early this morning with NO SLEEP!!! It was so worth it!!!”

Is there a fashion cue here for us? Indeed there is. Because according to her fashion fans: “The human body is a beautiful creation that should be celebrated.. Most are too self conscious about their flaws.. The beautiful thing about Rih is her self confidence.. Ppl will hate only bc they wish they had the confidence and body to pull off what she does.. Gorgeous Ri!! Love the nipple piercing too!! Proud of her body and unashamed of her flaws!! Go Ri.” That’s a great lesson for all of us. Especially now that summer is upon us, we can definitely use some of Riri’s confidence. Doesn’t her look ooze sex appeal, might this look, not be perfect for us when we go to the beach? Sure we probably wouldn’t go bra less, and most of us do not have nipple piercings, but we could use that sexy confidence, especially at those difficult moments when we have to face a sandy beach full of chiseled bodies. (Or at least that’s what we imagine. Usually the chiseled bodies are nowhere to be found, they are hidden behind some unruly winter fat.)

Apart from her confidence, there is another tip in her daring style somewhere. One fashionista, who adores Rihanna, added:”Rihanna’s known for taking fashion risks, and she definitely did here. I will admit that it’s showy, but she wears it well. It’s a fashion show, so I think dress codes are not really relevant. It looks like she was going for daring, sexy, and young take on Chanel. It’s not my favorite, but it works.” In other words; we shouldn’t always follow dress codes to a tee, especially if there aren’t strict ones. We could also use the ingredients that are required, and change it to fit with our own taste. What would you wear tomorrow differently, if you used Rihanna as your style inspiration? Of course it would be a toned down version. How about some not so prim, and proper placed pearls? A maxi dress vest pared with super short shorts? (Nobody could be offended by that, because for the most part you would be covered up.)

One word of caution though when you decide to show of your beautiful human body: I would pair it with some kick ass neon color accessory, shoes or handbag. (Also you might want to think twice when you go and get your own nipple piercing.) For Rihanna this similar color palette worked, but for most of us; it would need a bit more oomph. Lets go out and be daring ourselves. (Without getting arrested for public nudity, please.)

By Georgina Pijttersen

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