Kim Kardashian Has A New Doll In The Form Of Baby North

Update on Mother and Daughter

Kim Kardashian new doll

Because Kim Kardashian is keeping quiet for now, her best friend LaLa Anthony, (what’s in a name), wanted to give us all an update on mother and daughter, North. (The baby is two weeks old now.) Lala sang the new mothers praises: “She’s doing great, she’s an amazing mom. The baby’s doing wonderfully. ” Kim Kardashian is being accused of having a new baby doll in the form of baby North. Why is that? What has she done now?

First of her so called BFF hasn’t found the time yet to see Kim and meet baby Kanye. Or Nori for friends. Lala said:  “I haven’t because I’ve been in Vegas on the movie [Think Like a Man Too] and today I’m only here for a few hours, but I wrap on Wednesday and my plan is to shoot back to L.A. and spend some time with them.”

Lala wasn’t quite yet finished and said: “She says she’s adjusting really, really well and she’s doing amazing, I always knew that she would, because she’s as maternal as can be. She wants to take care of people all the time. So I knew she had it in her, but she’s adjusting amazingly.”

Not only was it difficult to make Lala stop talking about her BFF, but she also couldn’t stop dishing about the pops in the story, Kanye West. She said: “Absolutely, it’s a beautiful time in their life.”

Anthony also wanted to share her best new mommy advice: “I told her get all the sleep you can now! That’s my advice. Get all the sleep you can now. ” However this point is moot now because the advice only worked when baby North was still in the belly of Kim.

Apart from Lala some Kardashian not-so-well-wishers had the following to say: “Caring after a 2 week old baby when one has money is like having a new doll. They sleep nearly 20 hours a day.” Another added: ” I pay them a hundred bucks every time they say I’m a great Mom. Really my nannies do all the work. I am too busy putting my mascara on to notice anything about the baby.” And the one that states the most obvious: “it’s pretty easy to be an “AMAZING” mom to a 2 1/2 week old. They don’t do much besides eat, sleep and poof.  And at this stage, you have a lot of help — mom, sisters, friends, family, etc. Let’s see how “AMAZING” Kim is when she has to clean up an explosive diaper or vomit. We’ll see what happens when our little North has an ear infection and Kim has to cancel one of her paid appearances.”

Not a lot of love from the internet commenters today. probably because they speak from experience and didn’t have the luxury or the money such as Miss Kardashian. What do you think? Is this fair critique? Kim has a new doll to play with in the form of baby North, or might it possibly be true that Kim is actually a good mother and has some sense after all? Let us know what you truly think in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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