Nelson Mandela: Reports of Death, Burial and Cover-up by South African Government


South Africa – Since June 8 when Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital with a recurring lung infection, there have been wide spread media reports about his health, death, burial and cover up by the South African Government.

During 2011, Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital for acute respiratory infection. Thereafter, Mandela was admitted to the hospital several times over the last two years with the same recurring lung infection.

During that same year, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla, exhumed the remains of his three buried children from Qunu and were reburied in Mvezo, the birthplace of the extraordinary man and former president of South Africa.

From June 8 until June 22, the government and the Mandela family reported his condition as being critical but stable. The media reported that he was on life support and at times remained unresponsive to treatment. It was on June 22 when the first details about the ambulance saga were made public. There were reports of agony and time wasted getting the critically ill Mandela to the hospital, and indications of cardiac problems persisted.

The withholding of this information from the public indicates that the ANC government has an impact on the media and reporting.
The widespread public interest about Nelson Mandela has never been as great, nor the facts more distorted, then they have been over the last week. The conflicting description of how seriously his health deteriorated, and the miraculous recovery within a period of hours does raise the issue of whether the truth has been told. Several mentions of downplaying his health issues while the American president, Barrack Obama, visited South Africa became probable.

Overseas reporting of his death followed by the withdrawal of their statements, raised questions last week when the story of how the ANC government planned to cover up the death, due to the high profile visit from the US president and the security nightmare it would create for the country.

The fact that the government does hold information from the media is a major concern regarding the trustworthiness of the ANC. Reports maintaining that members of the Mandela family are not impressed with the corrupt leaders emerged this weekend, and reflect on the reliability of the government.
The burial statements and rights about where to bury Nelson Mandela are not only unpleasant, they tarnish the reputation of a great man. This burial war raging within the family, gives the world an indication of just how much the exceptional values of Nelson Mandela are not respected by his own kind.

The last official update on Mandela from the presidency was announced on Friday, June 28, the same day president Obama arrived in South Africa. The amount of media attention given to the US president over the weekend superseded reports pertaining to Mandela. This morning after the US president and his family left South Africa for their planned trip to Tanzania, the South African public is still waiting for President Zuma to provide an update on the Mandela situation.

The fact that the South African government does not tell the truth, and withholds information is obvious. It is to this degree that the death, burial, and cover up story about Nelson Mandela is withheld from the public, until they decide to make an official announcement.

Written by Laura Oneale

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