Seahawks Hopeful Harvin Can Skip Surgery

Percy Harvin is getting a second opinion on his hip, the Seattle Seahawks are optimistic that he will be able to play for them this season.
Percy Harvin is getting a second opinion on his hip, the Seattle Seahawks are optimistic that he will be able to play for them this season.

Percy Harvin has an extensive injury history, the Seattle Seahawks knew the risk was there when they committed a ton of resources to him in the off season. That didn’t deter them from bringing in the electric wide receiver from the Minnesota Vikings, however now they have to hope their new weapon is able to take the field this season. Harvin is seeking a second opinion, but the Seahawks don’t seem to think Harvin needs the surgery that would end his season.

In trading for Percy Harvin, the Seattle Seahawks paid a huge price of first, third, seventh round draft picks. They also gave him a contract extension worth 6 year $67 million. $25.5 million of which is guaranteed.

After the injury became known this week, it looked like surgery was a forgone conclusion. Harvin however wants a second opinion before he ends his inaugural season with Seattle before it begins by going under the knife for hip surgery to repair a torn labrum.

That second opinion will be given on Tuesday after Percy Harvin visits with a specialist in New York.

For the Seattle Seahawks and coach Pete Carroll, the stakes are high for that second opinion. As Carroll puts it, “if you have hip surgery, it’s a lot longer than the season,” he explained to USA TODAY Sports on Friday. “Hip surgery, he’s not going to play for the season.”

Although training camp is about to start, Carroll and the rest of the Seahawks are not rushing Harvin back to the field. As Carroll explained in an interview with the USA Today:

“We’re going to wait it out and make sure we know what’s going on. He was running full-speed a week ago. He was fine. He’s not far away from being back out there. But we need to know the (seriousness) of the injury. And we’ll know that in time.¬†We need to see how he responds (to rehabilitation) and all that, and we need to get all the opinions that we need and make a great decision to take care of him.”

If anyone can relate to what Percy Harvin is going through it would be teammate Sydney Rice. Rice was a teammate of Harvin’s previously in Minnesota, where he was forced to undergo hip surgery and missed ten games as a result. He has confidence in his reunited teammate, saying that missing practice should not be an issue for the 5’11” 185 pound star.

“He’s been in [this offensive system] for a long time,” Rice said. “As long as he keeps his hand-eye (coordination) and everything on the same page, it’ll be good.”

Seattle is hoping that Harvin’s second opinion goes well and he can avoid surgery that potentially would end his season. The team paid a high price for him this off season and is hoping that he is the piece that takes them to the next level as a contender this season.

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