Shapeshifting a Reality?

Shapeshifting a Reality?
You’ve heard those exotic mystical tales of women changing into panthers and bounding through the woods only then to morph into yet another creature, say a raven, before returning to human form, right? These thought to be ‘mythical’ beings with super-human abilities are known as shapeshifters, but could they be more than fictional? Scientist have recently discovered shapeshifting particles, that’s right, particles which change from one shape to something entirely different,  making this storybook idea into a reality we have yet to further explore the implications of.

Elementary particles called neutrinos, on a several hundred mile journey between laboratories, have been caught in the act of transforming from what is known as a ‘muon’ to a ‘tau.’ Particle physicist Pauline Gagnon at Indiana University comments: “It proves that the muon neutrinos are some kind of Superman-type particle: They get into a phone booth somewhere in between and change into something else.”  Apparently this is breaking science because until now, scientists have only been able to capture the disappearance of a particle – but only twice before- it’s reappearance as a ‘tau’.

Bruno Pontecorvo, Italian physicist proposed the idea in 1957 that the neutrino particles oscillated between three other varieties, or ‘flavors’ as they call them – the electron, muon and tau.

To find these rare events, physicists with the OPERA project shot a beam of muon neutrinos from the physics lab CERN in Switzerland 454 miles (730 kilometers) through the Earth’s crust to Gran Sasso Laboratory, buried underneath a mountain in Italy.

During the travel, a very small fraction of the neutrinos naturally changed flavor, and when they reached the laboratory some tiny fraction of them were detected by a 4,000-ton “camera,” transforming into a similar flavored particle and then decaying after a short distance. These fleeting events produce a faint blip of light recorded by one of 9 million photographic plates, Gagnon told LiveScience.

If tiny particles can do it, and we are made up of tiny particles, this means we have the capacity as well – to shapeshift.  Now, our consciousness may be a long way off in making this kind of leap (some of us a little closer), while maintaining sanity, but the truth is – the first step is simple awareness of the possibility.  At the rate science is going these days, with the discovery of teleportation of small objects, bi-location of quantum particles, levitation of monoatomic elements (such as found in ORMUS) and now shapeshifting, it seems we are starting to see the super-human abilities we have all dreamed of manifesting at a subatomic level first, making way for their appearance in ‘life-size.’

A few years ago, the observance of this shapeshifting phenomenon was looked at as possible random chance, but not anymore.  “The experiment has now collected enough data for the researchers to say the probability of this effect being produced by random statistical fluctuations is less than one in a trillion.”

These discoveries are inspiring questions into the role of anti-matter in the universe and if these ‘shapeshifting’ particles have something to do with it.  Physicist Alfons Weber of the U.K’s Science and Technology Facilities Coucil and the University of Oxford stated:  “Our findings now open the possibility to study this process for neutrinos and their antimatter partners, the anti-neutrinos. A difference in the rate of electron or anti-electron neutrino being produced may lead us to understand why there is so much more matter than antimatter in the universe. The neutrino may be the very reason we are here.”

It is all very fascinating indeed.  With the awareness of shapeshifting particles science has to open eyes to the possibility that things are not always what they seem, and often times something different than what they were previously.  The further we take this thing, the more we realize there are never concrete answers – something major spiritual traditions have been saying for thousands of years, but how beautiful to watch it play out in the field of mind and logic.  Is shapeshifting a reality?  On the molecular level, yes.  Beyond that – we have yet to see how this all plays out, but the possibility is on the table.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Fox News; Live Science

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