Extreme Weight Loss Trina (Review)

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Trina Miller,46,  a nurse from Michigan, starts off her year’s journey to attain her weight loss goal on Extreme Weight Loss over 140 pounds overweight. She says on her weight loss program “You can eat whatever you want,” so she like the program. But, it hasn’t worked–she says she’s a yo-yo dieter.

Her parents got divorced when Trina was 12, and her dad became homeless afterwards. Her mother criticizes her because she’s fat, and tells her that she won’t get chosen for the show.

However, Chris surprises Trina at a conference of nurses where she works. He tells her: “You’re amazing!” and she tells him “You taught me to love me! It’s because of you, Chris!”

“Trina is such a character!” Chris tells the camera. “She makes me feel special.”

He asks her if she’ll do her first weigh-in right there, and she agrees to do it, though she’s embarrassed somewhat.

Her initial weight is 292 pounds. Chris has her write it on the board. She is 5’4″.

Chris asks “Who’s next?” and he gets the other nurses to walk up and get weighed and write their weights on the board, along with Trina’s.

“Trina is actually transforming herself inside, along with her colleagues. I want to keep this movement going,” Chris said.

Trina said her mom told her, looking at the casting line, that she wouldn’t be chosen. Trina says to the camera: “Guess what, mom? He chose me!”

Chris confronts Trina’s mom, and tells her what Trina had told him about not having a chance to get chosen. Chris says he likes it that Trina’s husband, Eric, is so supportive; but, he doesn’t like it that her mother isn’t.

Trina travels with Chris to California to start off her year’s weight loss journey. He tells her: “You’re here to conquer all of your fears.”

“I was so young when I lost my dad,” she tells Chris. “I feel so at home, so close to him here,” she says. She relates that her father became mentally ill, and had a tumor, which he died from in a hospice.”

“You bring out something in me that no one has ever done before,” Trina tells Chris.

“I had no idea how much emotional weight she was carrying along with her,” Chris tells the camera, and how coming here would bring it all back.”

Chris has Trina pull him along behind her on the sandy beach, with a rope wrapped around her middle.

“I want my life back, Chris!” she tells him. “I was always scared, and nobody cared about me!” she says, crying. “The most important years of my life, Chris–when I was a teenager–no one cared for me.”

She punches out with gloves on, and says to the camera that she thinks that a man she saw there in the distance was her father.

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“Welcome back to California, Trian,” Chris tells her.

“Thank you, Chris!” she replies.

“Your initial weight loss goal is to lose 75 pounds in 90 days,” Chris tells her. “If you meet your goal, I will take you and your family to the Grand Canyon.” He then gave her the gift card from Walmart which all contestants get, to buy food for the entire year.

She tells Chris how her husband, Eric, and her kids have given her reason to carry on, and she tells him how much she loves them and they, her. “I feel confident,” she says.

He tells her “Because of that (the support you have at home from your husband and children), I will not be going home with you.”

Trina looks kind of devastated at this news, as Chris generally goes home with the participants and lives in their houses for a while, at the start of their year.

Already, there have been some tear-jerking moments.

Trina smiles, and says: “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be okay,” but really, she feels surprised and nervous, and unsure that she will be able to do it without Chris’s help.

When Trina returns to her house, she discovers that Chris’s team has toatlly renovated her house. Trina decides to take the next three months off to work on losing weight.

Trina goes back to teach the six nurses what she’s learned. To her immense surprise, Richard Simmons enters the room, and leads the nurses in an exercise routine.

“I want you to shine bright! I want you to shine brighter than any star up there!” Richard yells out.

“This is the moment Trina needs to make a decision. We’re all projects. This is the time for Trina to fall in love with…her.”

Trina prepares a healthy meal for her children, and mom, and they all like the food. Trina’s mom cuts her down, though, and says:

“You’ve got an apron,” meaning an apron of fat, and then says: “You’ve got a long way to go.”

“She makes me feel not good enough. And then, I get frustrated, and I lose momentum,” Trina says to the camera.

She keeps making excuses for not working out, and she falls back into her old mindset and patterns.

Eric calls Chris, and tells him: “We need your help.”

I guess that, in her own way, Trina’s mom loves her; but, she is not at all supportive, and it’s hard for me to like her, at least seeing how she interacts with Trina.  822x (6)

Trina is seen eating cake “”and every trigger food in site,” in Chris’s words when Eric calls Chris to ask him for help.

Chris surprises Trina once again, by coming to her house. “So the boys have just went to buy some burgers and root beer,” she tells him.

“You’re not eating that, are you?” he asks her, and tells the camera that “This is supposed to be her safe haven.”

He tells her teen son that “This is her drug. Have respect for her. Honestly, it’s best that this is just not around.”

Chris is worried. Trina steps on the scale, and Chris tells her “Right now, you weigh 255 pounds. So, you’ve lost 35 pounds.” But, she has been doing binge eating, and she could have lost more.

“Trina–she’s getting back on track,” Chris says to the camera on Day 60. “She can ride this bull–but, she needs to take it to a whole ‘nother intensity.”

“I’m going to push her,” he says. “I’m going to take her to her max, so she can lose a pound a day for the next week.”

Chris takes her back to the hospital where she works for the first 90-day weigh-in.”If this scale weighs 215 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal,” he tells her.

It took a lot of courage for Trina to get weighed in front of all of the other nurses. Trina made it to exactly 215 pounds. ‘

“I’m going to send you and your family to the grand Canyon on an all-inclusive trip,” he tells Trina.

“To share that sight with my family–I’m so excited,” Trina says.

Then, Chris has the other nurses also step up on the scales and weigh themselves. Overall, the group lost 133 pounds. “For my team to lose 133 pounds collectively–I’m so proud of them,” Trina declares.

“For Phase 2. I want you to lose 45 pounds,” Chris tells her.  “That may not sound like much, but that’s a pound every two days. At the end of Phase 2, I want you to hike all the way out of the Grand Canyon. That’s miles and miles,” he tells her.

“I’ve had a little bit of a bad week,” Trina says when she sees Chris next.  “My daughter had a birthday, and my son rear-ended someone and totaled the car,” Trina tells the camera.

She relates in a short montage things she’s done, as a response, like eating three cookies early in the morning. It’s not easy staying committed to a diet, especially for a long haul of time, under the best of circumstances, let alone ones that are stressful.

We then see Trina and her family in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Trina loves being in the helicopter, but her mom doesn’t look thrilled.

“Did she lose 45 pounds? I just don’t know.” Chris says to the camera. At the 2nd weigh in, she hit 183 — 13 pounds short.  822x (5)

“You fell short, but that’s still incredible,” Chris tells her, adding: “Phase 2 is over. Phase 3 is about to begin. You can still do this.”

“Your milestone is going to happen right here,” he tells Trina. “There’s a twist. I want you to remember what it’s like to carry around 107 extra pounds.”

“Are you kidding me?” Trina asks. “I see where this is going. Oh, my gosh! Holy smokes!” she exclaims. Chris wants her to walk to the bottom of the grand Canyon wearing all of that extra weight strapped to her body, arms, and legs.

“This is how you were living,” Chris tells her.

“She can physically do it,” Chris tells the camera. “Going downhill carrying that much weight will be a psychological challenge for her. Can she do it? Will she break?” Chris asks the camera.

Trina tells him that she feels dizzy, and sick.

“Are you going to pass out?” Chris asks her. Then, the camera whirls, and the show went to a commercial break.

“It was so hard! Trina says to the camera. “I knew I could do it, but I had periods of doubt.”

“Embrace this 107 pounds for what it’s worth,” he says. “As painful as this is, as much as it sucks, as much as you might hate me, you’ll love me for it later,” Chris says.

“For your next goal, I want you to lose 33 pounds. I want you to go home with me.”

Right now, she needs a good, clean, safe environment,” Chris tells the camera. “She won’t be just under my watchful eyes, but my wife’s,” he says.

“You know, I can’t waste a moment of any day. I call it blue, sunny skies, and exercise,” Trina tells the camera.

“She’s already lost 14 pounds,” Heidi says to Chris after a few days pass.

“I have lost so much weight,” she tells the camera, “My belly has become like pizza dough.”  822x (7)

The time arrives for the Phase 3 weigh-in. “Today, if the scale says 150 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal,” Chris tells her.

“I can’t look!” she says, grimacing.

“Oh, my God!” Chris exclaims “You’ve lost 41 pounds. You’re standing here half the person you were at the start of the year.”

“”Honestly, I’m so happy for Trina,” Chris says.  “She needs this skin removal surgery.”

The doctor tells her: “I think you’re an excellent candidate for surgery.” Trina is overjoyed, but then she has another decision to make: to continue on with Chris, or return home.

Trina chooses to go back home to be with her family, but Chris is worried about her. It’s snowing, Trina can’t get outside to go to the gym, she cooks steak for her family–it’s not looking good, and her motivation seems to be going by the wayside once again.

Day 291: It’s the day of Trina’s skin surgery. “I walk into the room. she’s gained some weight, and it’ s– it’s noticeable.”

181 pounds the scales read. “How can she have gained 32 pounds?” Chris asks. “What the hell just happened? You gained 32 pounds? It’s just not possible! 32 pounds in three weeks? She clearly thought she was done.”

“I’m not going to be able to perform surgery on you at this time,” the doctor says to her.

“I’m going to take her outside and put her through a workout. She’s going to tell me what happened,” Chris says to the camera.

“I was just so stressed out, Trina confesses to Chris, as she exercises and he tries to get her to admit what happened.  “I kept eating donuts, going to fast food restaurants. I went to the movies and ordered a large buttered popcorn. It was my birthday, and I was so sad. I failed myself. It’s nobody else really but me that I failed,” she tells Chris, crying.

“Just pick up the phone and call me, dammit, or ask your family for help when you need it!” Chris tells her.  “What happened — it cost you!” Chris said.

Chris tells the camera: “If she’s struggling, she just has to reach out, to me, to her husband, to her kids.”

At Trina’s Final Weigh-In at the end of the year she spent on her weight-loss journey, Chris addresses everyone gathered there to see Trina.

“It’s been a year of highs and lows, a year I’ll never forget,” he says. “As a nurse, she’s alwats taken care of everyone else. But, there’s one person she didn’t take care of — herself,” Chris says to the crowd gathered there to witness Trina’s Final Weigh-in. Chris tells the people about Trina also helping her colleagues, the six nurses, on their weight-loss journeys.

“Those nurses will also weigh themselves tonight,” he tells the audience.

Trina walked out through the crowd wearing an attractive red dress, and everyone there applauded and cheered her entry.

“It’s really been amazing! A really long year. A lot of hard work,” Trina tells the crowd.

“In one year, you’ve really taken your life back,” Chris said.

“I know!” Trina answers him. “I really, really have.”

First, Chris weighs in the other six nurses. They all have lost weight, and one of the nurses says that they will always stay connected.

“This will inspire others,” another nurse says. The total weight loss of the six nurses was 363 pounds.

“There’s only one other nurse left,” Chris says. “If you reach 145 pounds, you will have lost over 50 percent of your original body weight and you’ll qualify for the skin surgery,” he says.

“To not hurt 145 pounds would be just devastating to me,” Trina says to the camera. But, she makes her goal exactly! Congratulations, Trina! Chris gives each of the nurses a $250 gift card from Walmart.

Chris tells Trina that Walmart will be delivering her house all-new furniture, and a $25,000 gift card.

“I am so proud of you. You look incredible,” Chris tells her. “You’ve changed from the inside-out. And look at all of the changes you’ve made in the lives of others.”

Wow! Another great episode of Extreme Weight Loss comes to a close! It takes a lot of guts and determination for Trina and everyone else who appears on shows like Extreme Weight Loss to have their lives in all of their good and bad moments on TV for the world to view. It will be interesting to see what  next week will bring!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Phil   April 9, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    I wonder if Trina is fat again?

    • Callie Doggett   July 23, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      There are some recent photos of her online. She weighs 145 lbs. and looks fantastic.

  2. Ashley   April 7, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    I’m so glad that she keep going even though her mother treated her the way she did. I think in order for her to keep on the right track she needs to get rid of that mentally abusive mother of hers. She deserves to be mentally healthy as well as physically healthy and with all that abuse she takes it will be way to difficult… stand up for yourself and don’t let your mom do this to you anymore!! you are awesome Trina

  3. belmont fitness   October 7, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Hey,I am here and i agree with your reviews.According to me that running and morning wall is the best source for fitness of the body.It is very simple solution for reduce the extra body fat.

  4. Leave Comments   July 24, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    She was hard to watch. Something unlikeable about her. Lots of excuses and her mother was a total b-tch.

    • Meredith   July 30, 2013 at 6:17 pm

      I agree. I thought she cried too much.

  5. amanda   July 24, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I love this show, it inspires me every week. I wish Trina’s mom is jealous of her because Trina has everything she never had, a loving husband, beautiful boys..a family and she loves them and they love her.

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