Simon Cowell Soon to be Daddy After Knocking Up Friend’s Wife

Producer Simon Cowell and a judge for the upcoming season of the Fox television network reality series "The X Factor", poses during a photo opportunity in Los Angeles

American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent are Simon Cowell’s best-known productions. Next on the list for this Type-A Personality is, apparently, a different sort of production: a baby. Yes, it’s true — Simon Cowell, 53, will be a new Daddy after knocking up the wife of one of his friends.

That might be a difficult concept to wrap your minds around, as most of the times the public sees Cowell it’s in the role of a hyper-picky judge of a TV show. I can picture Simon  saying to his kids-to-be something like: “The way you fill up a diaper is just atrocious! I’ve sent better craps on to Hollywood!”

Reactions of some of Cowell’s friends and associates to the story about his impending fatherhood were lots of puzzled shaking of heads and the occasional snide comment.

Though the mother-to-be, the beautiful socialite Lauren Silverman, the 36-year-old wife of New York real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, is the wife of one of Cowell’s best friends, she is estranged from her husband, and plans to leave him to be with the father of her child, according to a report in Us Weekly.

Silverman is said to be approximately 10 weeks along.

“She’s around 10 weeks along,” said one source. And that’s only part of the story.

Technically, Silverman, 36, is still married:

Lauren and Andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for some time, and their divorce has been in the works for a while. As their marriage deteriorated, she and Simon became close.”

Big changes — of diapers and otherwise — are in store for Simon Cowell, as Cowell has repeatedly voice his opinions about not wanting to be pinned down with the responsibility of having children. He’s stated on several occasions in the past that he ‘s just not cut out to be a dad:

God, no. I couldn’t have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I’d go nuts. With kids, you’ve got a routine you can’t escape from. You’ve got to be up at a certain time. Got to listen. When all you want to do is sit in a corner thinking.”

However, Simon seems to have altered his stacne on the topic somewhat the last couple of years. Last year, for instance, in an interview with AOL Music, he stated that he hadn’t entirely ruled out the idea of someday becoming a father.

Cowell, when directly asked if he’d changed his mind about having kids, was a bit cagey about his answer:

Well…yes — and no. I do really, really like kids, because I can talk to them and listen to them. The problem has always been how much time you need to devote to bringing up kids. I’ve always dedicated all my life to work, and at 52 (his age when the interview was conducted), I’ve probably missed the opportunity.”

Simon needs to change his opinion soon, because the baby’s coming, whether he’s decided he’s ready to be a daddy or not. Who knows? He just might find his “softer side” and succeed as being a “Father of the Year,” as he has succeeded with so many of his business and musical ventures!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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