Official Ban Looms for Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez facing Official Ban for using Performance Enhancing Drugs Charges
A-Rod in hot water.

Players who use performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball is nothing new and Alex Rodriguez might be permanently banded from sporting a Yankees (or any other) jersey if charges of doping are confirmed. As of today, an official ban looms for Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez is in hot water today .

CBS news reports that A Major League Baseball team executive told CBS News the commissioner’s office is considering suspending Rodriguez for using performance-enhancing drugs and also violating the league’s “integrity of the game” policy. Violating that policy could carry a lifetime ban.

Rodriguez, who is recovering from an injury, which has prevented him from playing all year, is expected to be among the hardest hit of a plethora of players from the league who have are set to be suspended for similar obstruction of MLB policies.

Today’s ban is unique. “It is believed by baseball, at least, that he actively obstructed this investigation,” said ESPN investigative reporter T.J. Quinn, who first reported the story in February. “They have looked into charges that he tampered with witnesses, that he tried to get documents, possibly have them destroyed. If they’ve got the evidence to back that up, that adds a whole other element to this case.” For this reason alone, Alex Rodriguez could face an official ban from MLB as a possible suspension looms

The possibility of Alex Rodriguez actually being banned is diminished by his clean past. Sports Illustrated Managing Editor Chris Stone said Rodriguez has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, which could lessen his punishment on appeal.

“I don’t think the players’ union is going to lay down and accept a lifetime ban for one of their players,” Stone said.

Rodriguez is the current poster boy of performance enhancing drug use. In 2012, it was the Brewer’s Ryan Braun. He admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and violating the Joint Drug Agreement


The public has grown very weary and tired of these stories, but some have taken to making light of the situation. One twitter acct @Sean Sinclair writes:

sean sinclair@tacklesean

RT @NatePlay60: Hey Alex Rodriguez, thanks for coming to my school today.. OH, by the way, you dropped something.

For some, it’s the influential impact that A-Rod has, which is most damaging. One twitter acct writes:

A™@IAmAlcala_RT @iCarlosVillar: Alex Rodriguez should be banned for life. Recruiting others into doing steroids is unacceptable. He’s a stain for the game.

For others, like Tha Advocate, the matter has been overblown and hyped up.

Tha… #arodThey are acting like he killed someone ??

As for Rodriguez himself, he foresees an optimistic future.

“I’m not giving up,” he said. “I have tremendous faith, and hopefully there’s a couple more chapters to this book, and hopefully there’s a happy ending somewhere.”

Regardless, of where the people stand on this issue—doping has and will continue to go on. As an offical ban looms for Alex Rodriguez and the years pass, individuals and organizations are becoming ever more sophisticated in the ways they try to increase the advantages of some sports players over others. The league may have to rethink preventative strategies in overcoming drug use in the upcoming months