Steve Jobs Movie Is Retrospective Adoration Not a Biopic

Teaser Trailer on Instagram

Steve Jobs Not A Biopic

Steve Jobs the movie, simply titled: Jobs,  is ready and will almost be shown in cinemas near you. (Or more probable on your own Mac device.) The marketing geniuses behind the movie decided it was a great idea to premiere the teaser trailer for 15 seconds on Instagram, ensuring everybody would be paying attention, and citing how innovative that move was. However it has been clear for a while that the biopic is really just a movie,  in need of some of these marketing stunts. It has the main Apple characters in it: Jobs and Wozniak, but the interactions and story lines have been completely turned around and changed in order to befit the movie.  Therefore most people are now saying that the movie is more retrospective adoration and not a biopic.

Wozniak had a few very interesting takes on the movie “Jobs” and what actually happened. Some of these changes were:

  • In the movie it shows that Steve Jobs came up with the ideas that computers might be able to affect society in some way. However according to Wozniak, Steve wasn’t aware of that and Woz himself thought of this. (He had been part of the “Homebrew Computer Club,” where they had spoken about that computer and society at length.)
  • Wozniak actually said that Steve was more of sales guy. He saw opportunities to make money quickly and he wasn’t afraid to use Woz to get that.
  • They started as kids, they never looked like grown ups or people who knew what they were doing. Also Steve’s worthy talks during his amazing presentations came at a much later stage in their career.

However Wozniak does not hold a grudge against the Steve Jobs movie and applauds their efforts for making it fun and entertaining. (In addition biopics usually are not quite accurate because the movie does have to evolve and keep the audience entertained. They also want to keep fans happy and therefore they add some retrospective adoration.Therefore the truth has to be adapted in order to keep it that way. Also Wozniak added that if you are interested in the real story it would be best to read a biopic about either of them.

SWCrazyfan added: ” The problem is, Woz “propel[ed] the story” in a very different way in real life. It would’ve been nice for them to actually tell the true story of Steve. It stops being a biopic and more of a fun fictional when you change the reason’s why important things happen. This isn’t a biopic—it’s a retrospective adoration film for Jobs fanboys who think they know Apple. It’s true that Job’s saved Apple from collapse and lead them into the forefront over the past decade, but that would not have been possible without Woz’s genius. This doesn’t mean it won’t be an entertaining movie. It just means it’s not truly a biopic.

What is your take on it? Will you go see Steve Jobs movie knowing it is more retrospective adoration and not a biopic? Do you think people will get confused and will not bother to look up the true story? Or all these points moot anyway? Let us know in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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