Miley Cyrus Braless in New York

Miley Cyrus Goes Braless in New York

Miley Cyrus decided to show up a sidewalk in New York wearing a sheer dress and no bra. The braless look would have been fine, except that the 20 year old performer’s nipples decided to show themselves so prominently that she might as well have been topless!


Cyrus was on the way to “do her thing” on Good Morning America and she must have realised that perhaps that outfit wasn’t going to do for national television. She changed before her televised appearance but before she did, photographers, and fans, got an eyeful!

Miley was voted the sexiest woman on the planet by Maxim in their Hot 100 list and it looks like she is trying to get on the “World’s Most Exposed” list as well. Between her revealing outfits on her videos to her lack of clothing for many of her photo shoots, she seems determined to show her fans, everything!

In keeping with her new raunchy image that she promoted to great effect on her music video for We Can’t Stop, Miley seemed perfectly comfortable in her sheer black and white number sans bra and plus nipple action! When she stood on the sunlit sidewalk, the people surrounding her got more of a look then they may have wanted.

Since we couldn’t all be in New York when Miley wanted to put her nipples on parade, we included a picture of the young ladies attire on the day.

Miley's braless look

The paparazzi weren’t bothered though. Cyrus and her nipples have flooded the internet and by the smile on her face in the pictures she seems to be happy about it. She is still determined to leave her Disney past behind her and you can hear the embarrassed cry of Hannah Montana ever so faintly as she gets left further and further behind.

Miley is trying hard to be a young sex symbol and between her twerking in her videos to her lack of clothing she’s doing a pretty good job of being focussed on her new image. While she’s doing that, the cameras and fans of the world were focussing somewhere else this morning when she opted to leave her bra at home!

While her older fans, those who remember when she was the cute little Hannah Montana on the Disney channel are aghast at her nipple display, Miley is probably upset that she can’t walk down the sidewalk naked! She’s certainly tried to show off as many of her “lady” bits as possible and not be arrested.

But Miley may not be smiling because we can see her nips, she might be smiling because she knows that her latest single, We Can’t Stop hit the top of the iTunes singles chart in 30 countries, and that includes her own United States, so she may be smiling at the thought of all that money!

But we could just be cynical about the whole braless look that Miley Cyrus was displaying in her sheer dress. After all, she’s still only a 20 year-old young woman who just may have overslept or found that she was running late for her television appointment with Good Morning America. Now we don’t know, but it must have taken too long to put on all her underwear before she left. What we do know is that the paps and her fans appreciated it.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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