StudvilleTV Set to Return with Season 2 This Fall (Video)

StudvilleTV Season 1 On DVD

Since the exit of the hit show ‘The L Word,’ there has been a huge void for good lesbian shows, but if you look to the internet you will find plenty of good Gay television productions.  Many of which, showcase the lives of Black lesbians living ordinary lives with great careers and raising families.

StudvilleTV is one of those shows. It’s based in Atlanta a city, commonly known among African-Americans as the Black capital of America.  StudvilleTV follows four friends who all have successful careers but their love lives are not so successful.  They are depicted as choosing all the wrong women and for the most part end up hurt.

StudvilleTV tells the story from a stud’s point of view. For those unfamiliar, a stud, according to the urban dictionary is a “butch” lesbian.  However, many in the LGBT community hate to be labeled as such and would prefer to just be themselves.

StudvilleTV Set To Return With Season 2 This Fall (Video)

StudvilleTV began last fall with a small following. Currently, the show has garnered a huge following, not only in Atlanta, but across America.  Garnering one million views on you tube the show has been nominated for Best Lesbian web series by the hotter than July Fillm Festival.  StudvilleTV has set the bar higher for good lesbian shows and has open doors for many more since its launched.

Shows such as Sunny Reign, which will air it’s final three episodes beginning August 15th, and before StudvilleTV arrived,  The Lover and Friends Show, which had an impressive run, but has since gone on a indefinite hiatus, reveal that their is a significant demand for this kind of content.

Now, there is a whole new line up of lesbian webseries from StudvilleTV to Sunny Reign to If I Was Your Girl, which  continues to captures new fans as its episodes are played daily by YouTube subscribers.  The web is not at all short of quality lesbian webseries, however, the question is, when will a network give one a shot?

When will a show like StudvilleTV ever get a chance to premiere in front of a larger audience? Support by fans is already apparent, as the show continues to get financial and viewer support.

Presently, StudvilleTV is making way to its season two premiere, picking up from season one, which left fans wondering who will be back for the next season.  Now that the first trailer has aired, fans are happy to see the original cast return.

For those who missed season one, its available now at

Fans can relive all the drama, good times and tomfoolery that the crew of StudvilleTV brought in the first season. Including all the drama and love between Channing and her girlfriend and the rest of the crew.

-Kelly J Newson

Twitter: @Kelz_WriteStuff

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