Susan Taylor Dies Attempting to Swim English Channel

Susan Taylor was just a mile from the coast of France when she became ill on Sunday afternoon

34-year-old Susan Taylor died Sunday, attempting to swim the English Channel.  Supporters reported her death on her fundraising Facebook page.

Ms. Taylor collapsed near the end of her 21 mile swim.  She was immediately pulled from the water, and placed into the support boat.

“Whilst attempting to swim the English Channel yesterday my sister, Susan collapsed suddenly in the water. She was immediately recovered from the water and treated on the support boat. She was then air lifted by helicopter to a hospital in Boulonge. Susan tragically passed away,” the posting on the Create a Ripple Channel Swim Facebook page said.

Ms. Taylor was attempting the swim to raise money for Rainbows Hospice and Diabetes UK.  At the time of her demise, the donation site, reported that she had raised $27,000.

The cause of her death has not been determined at this time.  Pictures of the swim showed calm water.

“Please respect the families’ privacy whilst they come to terms with what has happened,” the Facebook post said.

Ms. Taylor’s father, Ian Wright, spoke to the British press.

“I’m devastated. I’ve lost the best person in the world. She was just wonderful,” he told the Independent.

Geoff Ellis, the executive director of Rainbows Hospice, had this to say:

“Susan was a wonderful woman who would do anything for anybody. She has been a much-loved ambassador at Rainbows for over two years, helping out at events and tirelessly fundraising for us,” Ellis was quoted as saying.

Between 20 and 30 people make the 21 mile crossing each year.  This year 10 have accomplished the feat so far.

Tragically, 34-year-old Susan Taylor died Sunday, attempting to swim the English Channel for charity.

Alfred James reporting


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