Tampons Confiscated – More Dangerous Than Guns in Texas

Tampons More Dangerous than Guns
During the Senate meeting at the state capitol in Texas, tampons and other ‘dangerous’ feminine supplies were confiscated with the fear they might be hurled at law makers during the abortion legislation session Friday, though guns were allowed in.  Apparently various jars of urine, feces and paint were confiscated and the hygiene products were taken as a ‘safety precaution.’  Due to a big social media up-roar on Friday accusing male legislators of discriminating against menstruating women, they stopped taking unopened feminine products.


There was quite an uproar at the capitol where abortion restriction bills were being enacted.  Troopers were asked to check the bags of every person entering the 500 person capacity gallery.  Feminine hygiene products weren’t the only items to be confiscated, however, no coat hangers, perfume bottles, moisturizers, pencils or ‘props’ of any kind were allowed in, and all were deposited into the trash. After a lot of angry women who had tampons, pad and other menstrual products taken complained, the rules changed to be more accommodating.

The new restrictions placed on women now ban abortions past 20 weeks, (which seems pretty reasonable from my very liberal standpoint), limits facilities to only six in the entire state which can perform the procedure (a bit more than extreme) and mandates that women taking the abortion pill begin the procedure in front of a doctor.  The concern is that these laws are just the beginning in the attempt to ban abortions all together in Texas, and eventually other states around the nation.

Sen. John Whitmire, a Houston Democrat said of the matter:  “What would concern me is the political aspect of a political movement across this country … this rush to pass this for political purposes,”  He added that it was “clear the bill was part of national conservative agenda attempting to ban abortion and infringe on women’s rights one state at a time.”

Protesters gathered, many apparently with hopes to disrupt the session with intent to ‘throw bodily fluids’ and cause the proceedings to have to reschedule for another time – hoping to make a ‘waste’ of these proceedings.  Tampons and other feminine products were confiscated which may have been ‘already used’, apparently more dangerous and filthy than the guns which were allowed into the Texas Senate.  Much of what was taken at security was not ‘threatening’ however, and caused an outrage at the capitol building Friday.  Pro-choice activists were adamant to make a scene, true – but it turned out that all women present had their ‘buttons’ pushed, or was it ‘chains pulled?’

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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