Taylor Swift Sings with Carly Simon During Red Tour Concert [Video]

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So, who do you pair up with when you make every song about a former boyfriend, supposedly? Carly Simon, of course! Taylor Swift sent her fans in a frenzy when she announced the legendary 70s singer, Carly Simon to the stage during her Red Tour concert event at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

In a laugh inducing comment, Swift stated, “When I heard ‘You’re So Vain,’ I thought, ‘That is the best song that has ever been written,” she added, “That is the most direct way anyone has ever addressed a breakup. It’s amazing.” We can’t tease the talented songstress too much. She has amazing pipes and the legendary Simon showing up was epic for Swift.

While Swift is immersing in the glow of the post-concert success, the vanity selection of songs in her past are still pretty interesting. Her Red Tour is coming along successfully, and maybe more stars will appear along the way. For now, we have to commence on the love-life of the young, beautiful and talented Swift with a walk through memory lane, scattered with memorable song dedications:

  • ¬†When the songstress dated Jonas brother, Joe Jonas during the summer and fall of 2008 love was in the air, until it wasn’t. Following the break-up Swift took to the studio to record ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Forever and Always’
  • During a three month tryst with John Mayer, that ended abruptly in February 2010, Swift was pretty embittered. Her song ‘Dear John’ created winces across the country with the selectively targeted lyrics
  • In one of the more illustrative songs about exes, ‘The Last Time’ seemed directed at short time love, Jake Gyllenhall. The couple dated briefly (seems to be trend) from late 2010 until after the New Year of 2011
  • Conor Kennedy seemed to be one of the lucky few that remained unscathed. In shocking revelation the couple dated…briefly from July to October of 2012. Taylor’s song ‘Begin Again’ seemed a positive step for Kennedy
  • That one month relationship with Harry Styles was enough to promote ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and that was the end of a great relationship that never really started

Swift is a dynamic singer and quickly climbed the charts to win a plethora of awards from pop, new artist and even country. In 2009 Swift garnered the win for ‘Best Female Video’ marking the first time in MTV Video Music Award history, a country singer winning that acclaim. To steal the thunder or rather raise a platform, Kanye West stole the mic from the blushing singer to offer a scathing scolding to the academy, stating Beyonce should have won. If West would have kept his lips zipped he could have stuck around to see Bey-Bey win the ‘Best Video of the Year.’ Yeah.

From her childhood talent to national fame, Swift is a powerhouse performer. Her sweet, “the girl next-door” look works for her, even if her love-life doesn’t seem to. For now she is enjoying her Red Tour and was thrilled to have Carly Simon agree to perform with her.

Swift took to Twitter to bask in the light of the duet, “Got to sing ‘You’re So Vain’ with Carly Simon at Gillette Stadium tonight!!!!!” she wrote. “Unreal. I could not possibly look up to her more.” Simon reflected the love, “It was just so wonderful that I just want to do it again,” Simon said of the performance. “[Taylor] was so great, and she really led me through my own song, and she was just so loving of the whole thing, and we loved each other and we moved together in a part. It was dramatic, it was great.”


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  1. StephaniePearce   August 14, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    You are wrong about IKYWT, it was part of her REd album that came out in Oct. 2012 before her relationship with Harry, and she also wrote a nice song about Taylor Lautner called Back to Deccember. She also has many songs like Love story, Mine, Ronan, the best day, Never grow Up, 22 , Lucky One, Change, Safe and Sound, Mean, Eyes Open, You belong with Me, Tied Together with a Smile, A Place in this World,,that are not about ex-boyfriends.


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