Texas Abortion Bill Protests Highlight Degeneracy of American Left

Texas abortion bill protester
When one considers a number of current and recent issues that have divided the US population directly along political lines, a very obvious and stark comparison is revealed, regarding the civility of those who reside on either side of the ideological fissure. The recent protests over the new abortion bill in Texas highlight the difference and demonstrate the complete degeneracy of the American Left.

Anyone who has actually seen the result of a late-term abortion would – going by physical evidence alone – be completely unable to deny that the procedure is anything short of first-degree murder. This is not a matter of religious conviction; In secular, social-democratic Europe, abortion beyond 20 weeks into a pregnancy is illegal.

The Texas so-called “pro-choice” protesters, however, have clearly shown that they are interested only in imposing their will; they have never had the slightest intention of engaging in reasoned and civil debate. The protests against the new Texas legislation, which bans late-term abortion, have been distinguished by animal-like behavior and attempts to violently disrupt proceedings at the state senate. Protesters had attempted to smuggle items into the senate gallery, which they intended to throw at Texas senators; these items, as reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety, included – in addition to bricks, paint and glitter – “one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces, and three bottles suspected to contain paint.”

Pro-life rallies, TEA Party protests and Second Amendment marches are distinguished by an absence of violence and vandalism. The “Occupy” movement, by contrast, was quickly co-opted by the Left and subsequently marked by a well-documented series of rapes, murders, acts of vandalism and even attempted acts of terrorism. Prominent Democrats – most notably, Nancy Pelosi – continued to laud the movement, even while such crimes were being committed.

One has to ask the question; what will the United States become, if total power is surrendered to people who think it is acceptable to throw bricks and bodily waste at those with whom they do not agree?

The Trial of George Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, is another developing story that has become a politically partisan issue – even though it should be a simple, criminal justice matter. Conservatives and Libertarians have, mostly, lined up behind Zimmerman, whilst the Left has come out strongly in favor of him being convicted of murder. As reported in several previous Guardian Express articles, the mainstream, left-leaning media has conducted a completely unethical campaign to influence public opinion against Zimmerman; even going as far as doctoring audio tapes to make it appear as though Zimmerman had said something that he did not. Also reported in this publication was the flood of racist comments, incitement of violence and even racially motivated death threats published on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, by those who wish to see Zimmerman convicted. The Left has been completely silent, over this – clearly implying approval.

This article would stretch to several thousands words, were its purpose to document – and cite sources for – every disgusting personal insult, every threat, every racist or misogynistic comment uttered by prominent so-called “Liberals” just over the past five years; in particular, black and female Conservatives have been the target of the most vile language, threats and personal insults. In contrast; Conservatives who merely point out that President Barack Obama’s policies are damaging to the country are branded racists and extremists.

Has it always been thus? Has the Left always been dominated by those who exist upon hatred for  –  and intolerance of – Those who do not share their world-view? No, it would not be totally fair to say so. To comprehend the degeneracy of the modern American Left, as demonstrated during the abortion protests in Texas, one has to understand the ideological shift that the Democratic Party has undergone since the end of the Clinton Presidency. This shift started, in truth, many years before Clinton, but has only been completed since he left office. This shift has been from Social Democrat to Progressive. Social Democrats were, traditionally, educated, intelligent and informed individuals who argued that a free-market, capitalist society is more robust when underpinned by a comprehensive ‘safety-net’ of state-run social welfare programs. Whether or not one agrees with this, its advocates were capable of civil and – in their eyes – logical arguments to support their position.

Progressives, by contrast, have no interest in civil debate – as clearly demonstrated in Texas. Even the most cursory research into the history of the American Progressive movement reveals it to be an extreme ideology, with routes in traditional Marxism and many ideological similarities to Nazism. Those on the Right who have made this comparison have been savaged by the Left, but one only has to read Margaret Sanger, Saul Alinsky and other prominent Progressives and then study the history of Nazi (National Socialist) ideology to clearly see the many parallels. Several of the pioneers of the Progressive movement – including Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and her associates – were virulent racists who believed that eugenics and selective breeding could be employed to engineer the ‘ideal’ society; the many writings of Sanger – an individual revered by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius – reveal that she considered anyone born with a physical or mental disability to be nothing more than a burden on the state who had no right to live. She also believed that the poor should be forcibly sterilized and that the growth of the black population should be strictly controlled.

The modern Democratic Party no longer represents the Social Democratic world-view; it is now nothing more than a front for Progressive extremism. It has become impossible to engage in a civil, logical and fact-based discourse with the Left, who now rely on revisionist history, junk science, violence, insults and throwing human bodily waste at their opponents. In truth, one cannot describe the conduct of the protesters in Texas as animal-like, as no other species of animal is as lacking in morals. These protests, however, clearly demonstrate that the degeneracy of the American Left is complete.

The political landscape looks bleak: The Republican Party stands for nothing and is as good as finished; the Democratic Party has become a den of corrupt and dangerous extremists. Should Hillary Clinton, who has publicly identified herself as a politician in the style of the early American Progressives, become President in 2016, then this degeneration will be complete.

An editorial by Graham J Noble

2 Responses to "Texas Abortion Bill Protests Highlight Degeneracy of American Left"

  1. Graham Noble   July 13, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    Hilarious comment. thanks for the laugh!

  2. M Miller   July 13, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    there is no proof of any “jars” of urine or feces other than a press release by the politically controlled press office of the DPS. nothing was thrown. no arrests were made. no evident was presented to the news media. there is no “there” there. the press release is state disinformation designed to mask the fact that the Perry controlled political executives of the DPS were performing searches of purses of both pro, and anti, choice positions and very questionable seizures of common items of no consequence. if you have VIDEO or FIRST HAND clear cut evidence of what you say is true, put up or shut up and edit your post. also you might question why it was necessary to pull 400 DPS officers off of patrol in an effort to politicize a perfectly peaceful protest.


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