The Evil and Corrupt Masterminds of Rhino Poachers

The Evil and Corrupt Masterminds of Rhino Poachers

South Africa – Rhino poaching is an ongoing story that seems to have no end. There is absolute evil and corrupt masterminds behind the rhino poachers and many people have lost their lives trying to protect the Rhino.

A nature reserve owned by private investors and government departments situated in Kwazulu, Natal is one of the various affected areas of Rhino poaching. During 2010, a horrific murder happened to a young tourism assistant. The murder case attracted a great deal of hype and her police husband was arrested and found guilty of her murder.

The husband denied the charge and pleaded not guilty, but to no avail. He was finally declared  innocent, and that his wife’s killer is none other than a deranged person who has killed more than once but remains under the witness protection act. This man is a well-connected person with the political players of the country. This murder was unnecessary, and a young life was lost because of greed. One of the sad stories told surrounding the Rhino poaching in South Africa.

Several other people have suffered at the fate of the masterminds performing their evil operations. People who will not hesitate to kill anybody who dares to cross their path. The lucrative trade of Rhino horns remains a world wide problem, and the constant campaign to stop this nightmare does not end.

During 1998, an incident occurred after a witness to the Rhino poachers approached the National Prosecuting Authority to testify about the crime. He was warned not to speak, and did not heed the warning, and on his way home, a minibus crashed into his car. The vehicle caught fire while he was trapped inside the burning vehicle. Fortunately conservation officers saw the blazing vehicle and sought help. The person, who prefers to remain anonymous, was admitted to the hospital and struggled for months to regain his life. He told of how the personal attack happened and it would seem this was a way to get rid of him. No official reports have been made or arrests occurred regarding this matter.

Factual evidence was taken to the senior counsel and advocates offices, but they blatantly told the people they were not interested. We might ask why, and then we are told that this Rhino poaching traffic is enormous, it’s not only individuals but also trusted companies that are involved in the horrific acts of killing our Rhino.

The Criminal Procedure Act, Section 25(2A) which allows a police officer to be freed from a serious crime has seen the young police officer released from prison and has been allowed to act in the interest of his peers. He will not talk, his children’s lives are at stake if he does. Once again the law enforcement of this country continues its corrupt action.

This is an organization of horrors, people who once saved the Rhino have defected and now joined with high profile people involved in the despicable act of killing our Rhinos. Not just in South Africa, but the lucrative marketing is huge in East Asia, Vietnam and China as well.

The scramble for Africa, the leading powers will not stop until the achieve their goals. Is there an end to the evil and corrupt masterminds of the Rhino poachers?

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Written by Laura Oneale

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