The People’s Uprising


signing the constitutionHere are some of today’s headlines:


“Athens mayor ‘physically attacked’ over job cuts.”

“Police fire tear gas, water cannon to push back Gezi Park protesters in Istanbul.”

“Egypt braced for more killings following ‘massacre.’”

“Muslim Brotherhood calls for more protests.”

“Dozens killed in two days of Iraq violence.”

“Battles intensify in Syria’s strategic city of Homs.”

“John McCain Calls For Suspension Of Aid To Egypt.”

“Iran denounces Egypt’s military coup.”

“Rick Perry will not run in 2014.”  (Well, there is some good news)!

Meanwhile, only 10 percent of Americans accept our government.  So, what the hell is wrong with us?

The people of the world are fighting for freedom.  George W. Bush said that the nations of the world, “hate us for our freedom.”  We, the people, are fearful of fighting for our freedom within the United States.  90 percent of us are aware that our government is corrupt and is a failure, but we’ll accept it because Americans have become cowards.  We may be the least free people in the world.

The voting public of the United States have allowed our government to become too powerful.  We are dangerously close to becoming a country ruled by an autocratic government.

In a true Republic, the theory is that a country’s elected representatives will vote according to the wishes of the majority.  It doesn’t work that way in the United States.  Polls may show that a vast majority of our citizens favor one side of an issue.  Our ‘professional’ politicians vote according to the wishes of their financial supporters, and not for the welfare of the people.

There is no more corrupt government in the world than that of the formerly United States of America.

However, to blame the government for all our woes would be a lie, a ‘blame game.’  We, the people continue to elect self-serving, uncaring, hypocritical, and personally ambitious representatives.

I once told my daughter, “if you really want to be wealthy, and that is your entire goal in life, become a televangelist, or a politician.”  They are one and the same.  Both tell you what you want to hear, take your money, and live the lives most of us only dream of.  And all the while, they are laughing at their supporters.

If Americans lack the courage to depose our Congress, we deserve the consequences.  As long as we continue to allow them to place our people in a situation that divides us, we will be subjugated to rule by complacency.

While the people of other countries are revolting, and demanding freedom from tyranny, Americans readily accept their status.

History shows that America has been divided by age differentiation. The youth of our country envision an altruistic society, while our middle aged and seniors fear a change in the status quo.

The majority of my generation are flag wavers, and deny the corruption and direction our country has taken.  They live in the past when our country actually was the greatest country on the planet, and life was relatively good for everyone.  My generation fails to see the undoing of America, where professional politicians and party interests supersede the will of the people.

The United States of America is made up of people.  The United States of America is not 565 people in Washington.  We have allowed them to control our lives, to make decisions for us, albeit those decisions are seldom advantageous for the American people, but are for the advancement of their own personal sad existence.

We see daily corruption by our elected officials.  And, in spite of those egregious violations of our personal trust, we continue to reelect them to public office.  I often think that the American people are the most ignorant people in the world.  Then I use my brain, instead of my emotion, and realize that our politicians, by the use of the media, telling half-truths and lies, by evoking emotions about issues that should be left to personal choice, and by making national issues an inclusion in religious beliefs, have created a division, even a hatred among the American people.

Our forefathers were adamant about a division of church and state.  They were definitive about personal freedom.  They encouraged free thought and free will.  And they invited energetic discussion about issues that affected everyone in the new country, and did not support those which benefited only the few.

Personally, I have no respect for a single member of our government.  I’m not alone.  The latest favorability rating was at 10 percent.  However, unlike Egypt, and Turkey, we will do nothing.  We lack the courage, the conviction to stand up for what we perceive as right or wrong.

Countries are people.  Geographical boundaries and governments are not countries.  Elected officials are supposed to represent the wishes of the people.  The people of a country are not intended to serve the government.

The people of the world are uprising, unless you live in the United States, where shepherds lead us wherever they want to.

Alfred James reporting


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