Buffalo Woman Beth Hoskins, Guilty on 52 Animal Cruelty Charges

This is one of the many horses that were seized in 2010 which can be found on the Yourspca.org
This is one of the many horses that were seized in 2010 which can be found on the Yourspca.org

In March of 2010, dozens of horses and other farm animals were seized from the farm of Beth Hoskins.  On Monday, Hoskins was found guilty on 52 of 74 animal cruelty charges.

According to WGRZ, Hoskins was convicted on 52 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, which were read on a horse by horse basis by Aurora judge Douglas Marky.

Dozens of animals in were seized by investigators from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They seized dozens of horses and other animals from her farm, claiming they’d been mistreated, dehydrated, neglected and left to live in the remnants of their own waste.

The news shocked many people. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the only thing that rocked the community.

Earlier this summer, Hoskins’ attorneys filed a motion to dismiss based on an alleged relationship between one of the case’s two prosecutors Matthew Albert and an SPCA employee Alex Cooke. However, that motion was denied by the judge and setup today’s verdict. Matthew Albert was subsequently fired, but still maintained there was nothing wrong with the relationship since she wasn’t involved with the case.

“There’s nothing ethically wrong with me taking on a relationship with an employee of the SPCA who, again, was not a witness in the case,” Albert said.

Of course Albert was in attendance for the reading. Now, he wasn’t alone in the room as the case has been so emotionally charged that the court room was to full capacity. Outside of the court, there was a sizable crowd of people carrying bright colored signs that defended the animals.

In a post-verdict interview, Hoskins stopped mid-sentence as she heard laughing from behind the cameras. Hoskins pointed out that the culprit was Cooke’s mother who was in attendance along with her family. Also, Hoskins went on to point out that she spent nearly a million dollars in legal fees.

The SPCA spent nearly a million as well, but for Executive Director of the SPCA in Erie County, Barbara Carr, it was well worth it.

“We are very appreciative to the district attorney’s office for all the work that went into the case. It was huge,” Carr said. “We’re very glad now that it’s completed.”

Of course, Hoskins will appeal the verdict.

Accorrding to StrayPetAdvocacy.org, Hoskins faces up to 52 years in jail as each charge carries a penalty of up to a year in jail.

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  1. Val   August 7, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Actually, the money was the SPCA’s. They receive all their funding from donations and none from government sources.

  2. bestuvall   July 9, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    of course the millions spent by the SPCA was not their money .. crooks all of them


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