The Rainbow Connection – Start Seeing Wi-Fi

The Rainbow Connection - Start seeing Wifi
Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side? In this case, the other side of the rainbow is the invisible spectrum of visible light.  Did that sound like a paradox?  That’s right, the lights which we can see- hide the invisible reality of what else is really there.  If we could start seeing what we don’t see, we’d behold rainbow lights waves created by electromagnetic fields projected through the use of wi-fi and cell phone devices connecting us all together ‘technically’ speaking.

If you could start seeing the wi-fi fields in cities and parks, you would be amazed by what current technology is doing to ’empty space.’  Astrobiologist M. Browning Vogel has released quite a few images depicting what the world would look like if we could see the energy fields produced by the wonderful world wide web.

Wifi is an energy field that is transmitted as waves. The waves have a certain height, distance between them and travel at a certain speed. The distance between wifi waves is shorter than that of radio waves and longer than that of microwaves, giving wifi a unique transmission band that can’t be interrupted by other signals. These images show an idealized wifi data transmitted over a band that is divided into different sub-channels, which are shown in red, yellow, green and other colors.

The Rainbow Connection - Start Seeing Wi-fiThe Rainbow Connection - Start Seeing Wifi


Can you imagine walking through these fields of color?  Would we find it amazing or completely disturbing to the natural order of things?  Does such a visual experience detract from the beauty of nature or add to it’s complexity?  Whether or not we can see the fields of electromagnetic frequency buzzing through the air does not mean our senses do not pick them up.  How do we think these energies are affecting our bodies, moods and mental states?

Have you ever realized you were actually addicted to getting on-line?  And on days you decided not to, it was a struggle to stay away? You are just going to check your email and then jump off, that’s all.  No more than 1o minutes today, max!

Are these fields combining with our own energy bodies in a way that we are actually becoming addicted to their influence?  Like they are becoming a ‘part’ of us?  It’s hard to know for sure, but there is definitely a ‘feeling’ associated with continual computer and cell phone usage.  Have you noticed?

The Rainbow Connection - Start Seeing WifiUntil we have another alternative, this is the reality we are dealing with.  The only sure way to escape these ever expanding fields of invisible color waves is to get somewhere wi-fi can’t reach.  These places are getting harder and harder to find, but they still exist.  Trekking out to the great outdoors, far away from city lights and cell phone coverage hides the secret spaces where these illusive wifi fields have not yet touched.  Finding yourself there is much like rediscovering the primal nature as you look up into the star-studded sky and hear sounds so seemingly familiar yet strangely uncommon in city boundaries.

The rainbow connection is not just a song sung by Kermit the frog, but a very real phenomenon showing us what it would be like if we could start seeing our wi-fi connections.  How beautiful are these invisible rainbows?  Well, I guess we have yet to see the true effects of being inundated with such a field regularly, day in and day out.  Until then, as leprechauns in the Irish hills, we can search the web for hidden treasures and hide them up in our mental banks for greater understanding, we hope.  In the end, we may just wish we’d stuck with the rain-shower kind of color gift…and tuned in to telepathic resonance instead.  Who knows, maybe it’s just a wrung on the ladder?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Rise Earth


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