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The Walking Dead Season 2, like the first season, was filled with tons of memorable quotes and episodes that rank as some of the best in the series, although some fans of The Walking Dead don’t like the second season as much as the first and third. What are the Top Ten Quotes of The Walking Dead Season 2? Everybody has their opinions, of course — at the end of this article, you can vote and choose your favorite quote from season 2.

As there are 13 episodes in The Walking Dead Season 2, as compared to the 6 in the first season, I won’t give a recap of each episode, though I will say a few words about some of them, like the first episode. If you watched The Walking Dead Marathon on July 5, 2013, you will have the season 2 episodes fresh in your minds.

The 1st. episode, “What Lies Ahead,” is a great premier to the season. It’s the last episode written by series developer Frank Darabont (under the pseudonym Ardeth Bey) and series creator Robert Kirkman. Darabont had been fired from the show in July 2011.

It was highly anticipated, and attracted a large audience of viewers. In the United States, it broke the record for the most-watched drama in the history of basic cable, attaining 7.3 million viewers. Worldwide, it averaged a 2.0 rating in most television markets.

I’ll choose two quotes from each episode, making a total of 26. Then, I’ll narrow these down to the Top Ten which will appear in the poll below.

The two quotes I chose from this episode are the one from the conversation between Dale and Andrea, during which, Dale tells her: “If I hadn’t done what I did, you’d be dead now,” and from Rick, when he said: “It’s all about slim chances now.”

Episode 2 of the second season, “Bloodletting,” is the famous one in which Rick’s son, Carl, accidentally gets shot by a man, Otis, who is trying to kill a deer. Carl is taken to a veterinarian, Hershel Greene, who reveals that the bullet has broken into six fragments. Carl will need blood transfusions and medical equipment to live through the surgery. Rick and Shane must try to get the medical equipment necessary to save Carl’s life by raiding supplies from a local high school. Also, Rick needs to give blood transfusions to Carl.

The first quote I chose from “Bloodletting” is the one where T-Dog, who has gotten a blood infection, says: “I’m the one black guy. You realize how precarious that makes my situation?”

The second quote  I selected is a dual one. Lori and Hershel are speaking to each other, and Lori asks him: “You’re completely in over your head aren’t you?” Hershel responds: “Ma’am, aren’t we all?”

The third episode is “Save the Last One.” It’s a continuation of  Carl-gets-accidentally-shot theme of “Bloodletting.”

In this episode, Shane Walsh (John Bernthal) and Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) desperately attempt to flee the walker-infested high school in order to deliver supplies to a dying Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). Meanwhile, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) continue to search for Sophia Peletier (Madison Lintz).

I chose the quote from Daryl: “Daryl: “Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to s**t. Might as well quit.” Dumb-ass didn’t know enough to shoot himself in the head,” and the one where Glenn asks: “You think God exists?”

Season 2, episode 4, “Cherokee Rose,” sees Carl recovering, Daryl Dixon’s gradual change into a lighter character and the developing relationship between Maggie and Glenn, as well as the continuing search for Sophia.

The first quote I’ll select is Shane’s, saying that: “There is nothing easy about taking a man’s life, no matter how little value it may have.”

For the second one, I’ll choose Daryl’s, saying: “I believe this one bloomed for your little girl.”

The next episode up is the fifth, “Chupacabra.” Lots of stuff happen — it’s packed full of action and plot development. The episode opens to a flashback of Atlanta getting napalmed by the military. In the present, the survivors continue their search for the missing Sophia. Hershel, however, is beginning to grow concerned over their continued presence on his land after a number of disputes, including Rick letting a young farm resident accompany them on their search, and Daryl borrowing a horse without asking.

In particular, Hershel is worried about the increasingly close relationship between Glenn  and his daughter Maggie. Glenn meanwhile is horrified to learn that Lori is pregnant – Lori begs him not to tell Rick.

The two quotes I selected from this episode are Maggie, saying: “You see 11 condoms, I see 11 minutes of my life I’m not getting back,” and Daryl’s comment: “People in hell want slurpees.”

In season 2 episode 6, “Secrets,”  Glenn  tells Dale Horvath that Lori Grimes  is pregnant and there are numerous walkers in the Greene barn. Dale confronts Hershel Greene  about hoarding walkers in his barn.

Also, Shane Walsh  attempts to teach Andrea how to use weapons and Lori agonizes over the decision to terminate her pregnancy or keep the baby. Spoiler Alert –but not one really, if you’ve seen this episode — she keeps the baby.

The two quotes I decided on for this episode are Glenn’s nonchalant “There’s walkers in the barn and Lori’s pregnant,” and Daryl’s saying: “You shoot me again? You best pray I’m dead.”

Episode number seven is called “Pretty Much Dead Already.” In the episode, Glenn  reveals to the group that there are walkers in the Greenes’ barn, dividing the group on what to do. Hershel Greene sets a deadline for the group to leave, unless Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes completes a difficult task. Also, Shane Walsh slowly loses his sanity after many secrets around him are revealed.

The first quote I selected is this one: Rick says to Hershel: “You and I have our differences: the way we look at walkers. Those people; they may be dead, they may be alive, but my people? Us? We are alive, right now, right in front of you.”

The second one is Glenn’s to the group:  “So, uh, guys? The barn’s full of walkers.”

Episode 8, “Nebraska,” sees the survivors deal with the aftermath of the barn shooting, which causes Hershel Greene  to order Rick’s group to leave and then start drinking and disappear from the group. Rick Grimes  and Glenn  then try to find him. Also, Dale Horvath becomes more suspicious of Shane’s actions.

Quote 1 has Daryl making the pertinent observation: “Your bitch went window shopping. You want him? Go fetch him yourself.”

Quote 2 I chose this one of Carl’s: “He did the right thing, shooting her like that. I would have done that too.”

The ninth episode has the pretty cool title, “Triggerfinger.” I won’t get into everything that happens in this episode by a long shot (arghh–an inadvertent pun), but it’s the one where Lori gets in a car accident, flips her car, gets knocked out, and narrowly fights off two walkers. Also, Rick, Hershel Greene, , and Glenn prepare to leave, but a three-man search party arrives in town looking for the slain Dave and Tony.

Rick, Hershel, and Glenn remain holed up inside the bar, until Rick gives away their location and tries to negotiate with the men outside, stating they killed Dave and Tony in self-defense. The group responds by firing at Rick’s group, initiating a standoff.

But, I won’t mention the rest of the plot of this episode — it’s a good one, though.

The two quotes  selected from it are Hershel’s: “There is no hope and you know it now, like I do, don’t you? There is no hope for any of us,” and Dale’s: “I believe that Shane sacrificed Otis.”

The rest of the episodes, I’ll just mention the quotes I chose and the episode titles.

The tenth episode is “18 Miles Out.” The quotes I chose are Shane’s: “You can’t just be the good guy and expect to live. Not anymore,” and this one of Rick’s: ” You want to kill me, you’re going to have to do better than that wrench.”

Episode 11, “Judge, Jury, Executioner,” was another great one. The first quote I will pick from this episode is Dale’s: “The world we know is gone, but keeping our humanity? That’s a choice,” and the second is Rick’s: “Don’t talk. Think.”

Then, episode 12, “Better Angels,” followed. The two quotes I decided upon were this one of Rick’s: “From now on we’re gonna do it his way. That is how we honor Dale,” and Shane saying to Rick:  “You come back here and you just destroy everything.”

Finally, the season finale, episode 13, “Beside the Dying Fire.” I chose the quotes from Rick: “We’re all infected. At the CDC, Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it,” and another one from him on his killing Shane: “I didn’t ask for this. I killed my best friend for you people.”

Okay, I went on longer than I thought I would, but oh, well….I hoped you like this article on The Walking Dead Season 2. Please vote in the poll below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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