The Wolverine’s Weekend Performance

The Wolverine's Weekend Performance

The X-Men franchise has been gracing our silver screens for the past several years and this weekend, the sixth segment of the franchise has swept in $55 million thus far, as reported by studio estimates.

According to USA Today, the forecast for the unveiling of the sixth X-men movie was initially anticipated to rain in at least $65 million, hence, it took in a dispassionate $10 million less than the reality. Although the figures were less than predicted, it is still safe to say that the newest X-men installment achieved a steady and warm welcome at the box office this weekend.

Wolverine’s latest appearance on the screen has been this weekend’s belle of the ball. The other movies contending for prime position were big budget action films, as live-action is sure to get the adrenal glands secreting.
To share some perspective, The Conjuring is a $20 million horror film and opened to $42 million. Ironically, R.I.P.D is a $120 million supernatural horror movie and only opened to $13 million. USA Today points out that many high-budget films performed significantly lower than estimated projections, leaving some well-deserved limelight to lesser known and more inexpensive animations and films.

The figures show success for Wolverine, which is surprising especially since it’s the sixth installment of the franchise. Too many times, movie-goers feel a sense of dissatisfaction with some of the wildly popular movies.  This desperado marketing technique is becoming all too transparent for the seasoned movie goer- an even greater indication of the acceptance of Wolverine. It goes without saying that in addition to being accepted as the latest movie craze, this weekend’s success is also a great highlight for the wallets of the Wolverine ensemble.

Naturally, there are doubts circulating the movie sphere, the main concern centers on the overuse or overstretching of the popular X-men story(s). USA Today has fondly labeled this as ‘mutant fatigue’. Despite its solid arrival on the big screen, it is interesting to see that the previous Wolverine film, which embarked on its movie circuit in 2009, opened to $85 million. The most tangible differences between the freshest Wolverine film and it predecessor (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is four years and $30 million.

David Mumpower of suggests ‘saturation’ to be a major concern in this case. The X-men series has already initiated itself within the brightly lit halls of superhero fame, and to taint that with lengthening the characters and stories is a common mistake that is best avoided if the legacy is to remain intact.

Despite his doubts, Mumpower raises and answers a critical question:

“Will audiences continue to support a character who is so well established by now and still portrayed by the same actor?” Mumpower asks. “The answer has proven to be a tepid yes.”

The overall viewership will be one of the determining factors and is already echoing across the globe. Theaters in August are a characteristically dry month and there are some hopes Wolverine will ignite an August rush.

Directed by James Mangold
Written by Mark Bomback and Scott Frank
Director of photography: Ross Emery
Edited by Michael McCusker
Music by Marco Beltrami
Production design by François Audouy
Costumes by Isis Mussenden
Produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker
Released by 20th Century Fox.
Running time: 2 hours 6 minutes.

Jessica Rosslee

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